Maxine Waters Unhinged as Soon as Reporter Mentions Trump

Waters is losing her mind.
Maxine Waters
Photo via The Hill Twitter Video Screenshot

Our elected representatives are supposed to be invoking confidence, not doubt and fear.

Maxine Waters is not only stoking fear but she is also blatantly calling Trump a liar.


I cannot help but look back at the stark contrast in how our elected representatives worked together during the H1N1 crisis and what is happening today.

If memory serves, there was almost no partisanship when it came to supporting Obama and ensuring we got through the crisis.

Criticisms happened, but for the most part, they were saved until after the crisis was over. 

Dems are taking a different approach, evoking a sense of a doomsday setting.

Look no further than Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), a woman that provides us with more proof every day we need to have term limits in Congress.

While Waters was discussing the Trump administration’s response thus far, she called him a “liar” and stated he should “shut his mouth.”

She further stated Trump cannot be “relied upon.”

Every Narrative Debunked

Unfortunately for Waters, she and her fellow Democrats have been wrong on all fronts when it comes to this administration’s response.

One of the biggest falsehoods is regarding the bungled testing kits.

While Trump is taking hits across the board on this, the fact is the CDC tried to manage this on their own very early on and failed.

The protocols in place did not enable the CDC to produce the kits on the scale needed and the private sector had to be brought in.

Dr. Fauci himself has explained this on numerous occasions, but most of the mainstream media ignore it and Democrats continue to hit Trump on this.

Secondly, far too many Democrats are saying the travel bans were not needed, which is, again, false.

Dr. Fauci and other health experts have consistently stated these travel bans have dramatically decreased the speed at which this virus was able to spread in our country.

Trump has also regularly deferred to medical experts on this topic, something Joe Biden, Maxine Waters, and other Democrats have failed to do.

So, it is not Trump that should shut up and cannot be trusted, it is people like Maxine Waters that are regularly speaking out of turn and well above their paygrade.


  1. These people have made enough money at taxpayers expense and did not do their job for which they were paid while in office. It is time with all their millions they move on and let somebody else make money off of the taxpayer or maybe just actually do the job they are voted in for. One can always hope these people’s replacements will do the jobs they will be voted in for.


  3. I wish a bunch of reporters would get in front of her and just chant “Trump, Trump, Trump” for a bit and see if the top of her head blows off. That would be great.

  4. I have to say Crazy Old Lady Maxi-pad Waters needs to shut her extra BIG MOUTH!!! Every bad thing she and her communist friends say about Mr. Trump all end up with their foot in their mouths, because everything they say about Mr. Trump ends up he is right. I hope Mr. Trump Sue’s the hell out of Maxi-pad Waters and drives her back to the poor neighborhood she came from and by Law should still be living where she supposedly supports her Constituency!!!! Instead of living in a good neighborhood in a million dollar house??? I think she needs investigating along with all the other crooks, but it looks like their all going to go free if the Dems win??? let’s pray they don’t win.

  5. There’s nothing I could say about this bitch that they would print on here . They don’t print the truth . But we all know about the wicked witch of the west . Once she stops stealing from the government by giving money to her daughter to so call hole for her . She go’s after trimp to cover it up . The one that cry the loudest is the one with the most to hide . The truth will take her down in the end .
    Trump 2020 … make them cry again … approved by deplorables everywhere

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