New Federal Probe Shows Taxpayers Were Double Billed For…


Not only did we pay for the gain of function research which created COVID, we got double billed for it. New York Post revealed on Monday that the “U.S. government may have paid twice for grants it doled out to fund research at labs in Wuhan, China.

Double billed for destruction

Adding insult to injury, it appears we were double billed for our own COVID destruction.

According to a “newly launched federal probe,” taxpayers were bilked with “tens of millions of dollars in potentially fraudulent payments.” Dr. Anthony Fauci figured prominently in all of it.

It seems that the “risky” projects we got double billed for were all “bankrolled by the National Institutes of Health and the US Agency for International Development.” NIH was run by Fauci.

The projects allegedly “helped pay for medical supplies, equipment, travel expenses and salaries at the Wuhan labs.” CBS first reported the scandal on Monday, March 13.

At the nefarious Wuhan Institute of Virology, taxpayers “funded controversial gain-of-function research on bat coronaviruses that federal officials now admit may have led to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Then we got billed for it again. That’s not nice. Or legal.

Allegedly fraudulent funding

Kansas Senator Roger Marshall hired an investigator who “first discovered the allegedly fraudulent funding from NIH and USAID.” The things she reported back soon “prompted an internal probe by an inspector general.

There should be an even bigger investigation by Congress into what we were billed twice for. She took a hard look at around 50,000 documents related to the matter.

After all the eyestrain and miles of calculator tape, Diane Cutler reported in. “What I’ve found so far is evidence that points to double billing, potential theft of government funds.” That, she said is “concerning.” Especially “since it involves dangerous pathogens and risky research.

Dr. Fauci has “firmly resisted theories that NIH funding might have contributed to a lab leak of COVID-19.” He’s really upset to learn he was billed twice for it. His latest statement has everyone scratching their heads. He says maybe COVID did leak from a lab but that still doesn’t mean it wasn’t natural.

CBS noted that they talked to some anonymous sources who “did not dispute the report” we were double billed for Wuhan research. They also added that “tens of millions of dollars could be involved.

According to Senator Marshall, “Americans deserve the truth, especially if our government had a hand in funding the creation of the coronavirus. I am demanding transparency and accountability for the misuse of taxpayer funds. This probe is a step in the right direction. We must follow the money.

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