Nikki Haley Back Peddles and Jumps Back on the Trump Train

Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley is continuing her attempts to position herself for a presidential run in 2024, making the customary tour of crucial states and attempting to clarify her position in relation to President Trump, who she has alternatively condemned and praised multiple times. The former South Carolina Governor and United Nations Ambassador has not formally announced an intention to run in 2024 but an attempt from Haley seems almost inevitable.

Nikki Haley visits Iowa

On Fox News Haley claimed that her sole focus at the moment is working to help GOP candidates in their preparations for races in 2022.

Her presence in Iowa specifically, however, appears to say otherwise. public trips to Iowa are generally regarded as effectively confirmation that a candidate is preparing for a presidential run.

For Nikki Haley this traditional approach seems to be a kind of backup plan after her repeated failure to earn the trust and support of former President Trump and his base.

Haley has changed her public stance on Trump a number of times, beginning in 2016 when she strongly opposed him and suggested that he was aligned with the KKK.

After Trump won the election Haley became a supporter and was nominated for the position of Ambassador to the United Nations. She resigned in 2018 but claimed to still be supportive of the administration.

After January 6 Haley turned against Trump, condemning him in an interview and saying “we shouldn’t have listened to him.”

Still looking for Trump support

After this interview Haley quickly attempted to align herself with Trump once again and sought a meeting with him which he reportedly refused.

Since then, Haley has apparently been attempting to keep a foot in both the pro-Trump and anti-Trump camps within the GOP.

She recently told Republican National Committee officials that Trump “will be judged harshly by history.” In Iowa she has apparently gone back to praising him.

While Haley recently told Politico that Trump has “lost any sort of political viability,” her own viability is questionable enough; the presidential hopeful may find that swapping allegiances so often can do more harm than good.

Nikki Haley has a long record of trying to position herself on the winning side. As a result, she has never suffered any crippling damage to her career and has largely escaped unscathed from controversies.

Unfortunately for her, those successes may end up doing nothing for Haley if voters and other GOP leaders come to feel that she is not trustworthy enough to win the nomination for 2024.

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