Nursing Home Scandal Fallout Increases As More Dems Turn On Cuomo, Feds Launch Probe


Liberal Democrats don’t waste a second to destroy one of their own when they fall out of favor. This time, the fallout is radioactive over the way New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and his cronies got caught covering up the horrific number of deaths occurring in state nursing homes. Federal investigators are looking into it harder than they looked at Trump’s alleged connections to the Kremlin.


The heat’s on Cuomo now

According to New York regional news outlet Nassau Daily Voice, “the heat is on” Governor Andrew Cuomo. He’s getting shelled by conservatives and imperialists alike over the way he botched COVID-19 case fatalities in the state’s nursing homes.

The folks were basically captives infected beyond their control by their alleged “care givers” who had been bio-contaminated by others.

Cuomo, through his office downplayed how horrible the situation was by “underreporting” the numbers then moving to a full-blown “coverup of COVID-19-related nursing home deaths.”

The Federal Bureau of Instigation is digging in to that now. They teamed up with the U.S. Attorney’s Office to launch a special probe. In New York they’re ready to tear the Governor limb from limb.

“Every day, we see more erratic behavior and additional deception by a Cuomo administration that spirals out of control, continuing to cover up its mishandling of COVID-19 deaths in our nursing homes,” Conservative state Senate Leader Rob Ortt fumes.

So much for Democrats alleged transparency in government. “Transparency by this Administration has gone out the door. I am grateful to see our repeated calls for a federal investigation have been answered.”

More than 10,000 fatalities

So far, since the COVID-19 pandemic began, nursing homes and long-term care facilities were hit especially hard and in the state of New York “more than 10,000” patients reportedly died from the virus.

Right now, the early stages of the federal investigation are focusing in on some of the most trusted Cuomo insiders, “senior members” of his COVID-19 task force. They’ve been dragging their feet on coming up with answers long enough.

“The stonewalling and withholding of nursing home data is just one example in a litany of failures,” Ortt relates.

For example, there’s the Cuomo team’s “inept administration of vaccines, the mass resignations of key staff at the Department of Health, and recently emerging news about disparities among the demographics that have received the vaccine.”

Ortt’s Imperialist colleague, state Senator Alessandra Biaggi, is furious with her fellow liberal. Cuomo, she snarls, has displayed a “disturbing pattern of behavior” and has been deflecting blame and attempting to evade accountability.

The governor actually threatened to “destroy” Imperialist Assemblyman Ron Kim. Even New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is social distancing himself from the governor. “The notion that information was held back for political convenience instead of the blunt truth coming out so we could save lives? Something’s profoundly wrong there.”

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