Oath Keepers Unite: Standing Back and Standing By – Right Outside DC

standing by

A full 24 hours ahead of the Million MAGA March set for Saturday in Washington, D.C., deplorables are arriving in force, including the Oath Keepers, who are standing back and standing by right outside the city, “as a nuclear option.” Twitter is going viral with patriots posting selfies as they’re flying in from all over the country.


Standing by to back the president and Constitution

The Oath Keepers are only one of the far-right patriot and militia group to gather in Washington, D.C., for the “Million MAGA March” and associated “Stop the Steal” rally.

Antifa-oriented anarchists and Black Lives Matter troops are gathering in the streets as well. Radicals on both sides are flooding into D.C. by air, land, and sea. Patriots are “calling all Americans to take back our constitutional freedoms.” As instructed, the Pro-Trump forces are “standing back and standing by.”

Freedom Plaza at noon on Saturday is the designated place for the great gathering of the clan. Patriots are to assemble “near the White House and along the National Mall.” Kayleigh McEnany expects the crowd for the Million MAGA March to be “quite large.” Deplorables have been standing by since early Friday.

Stewart Rhodes, leader of the Oath Keepers, made a point of letting media know his men are armed. Unlike the amateurs in the crowd, Oath Keepers militia comprises “former law enforcement officials and military veterans.”

Over the past few years, along with the change in administration, the Oath Keepers shifted their focus from opposing the government to acting as “a pro-Trump vigilante group that is willing to violently support the Constitution and the president.” The Proud Boys and many many other groups from moderate to extreme are standing by and itching for action. If needed.

Nobody the president can trust

Part of the problem with our government right now is that the president can’t even “trust the normal military intelligence services.” Before now, especially under Barack Obama, Rhodes was “opposed to U.S. military intervention in domestic matters.”

This time, he’s ready to consider the option. “in this case Trump should invoke The Insurrection Act.” That’s the main reason he’s standing by right now. “we have men already stationed outside D.C. as a nuclear option in case they attempt to remove the president illegally, we will step in and stop it”

Rhodes isn’t talking lightly. he emphasized that these men are “armed” and “prepared to go in, if the president calls us up.” He’s also going to have the Oath Keepers standing by “inside the city this coming weekend to support a caravan of Infowars supporters.” Infowars isn’t real welcome by the far-left groups gathering in the city as well.

This weekend is destined to become another Bunkerville. Rhodes called on all the deplorables standing by to “converge on the capital in the same manner as far-right militia members gathered at a Nevada ranch in 2014 in support of rancher Cliven Bundy.”

He sees only two options at this point and many Americans agree. Either “President Trump is encouraged, bolstered, and strengthened to do what he must do or we wind up in a bloody fight. We all know that. The fight’s coming.” If the professionals don’t come in and restore law and order, the amateurs are very likely to get out of control. President Trump’s window of opportunity is open now. It won’t be open for long.

  1. I sure hope it doesn’t turn ugly….but the Antifa pukes and the Burn- Loot- Murder neanderthals show up to pick a fight I say let the hair go with the hide. We want peaceful protest….if others don’t let them start it….we will finish it.

  2. For the life of me I can not see the reason the Oath Keepers are run their mouths. The time is coming but don’t light the fire when a lot of your supports are there because of where we live transportation for us who are handicapped but still willing to die for our country and jobs. I like what you are doing but stop talking to the press

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