Parkland Victim’s Father Warns Americans About Biden’s Sick Agenda

Parkland Victim's Father Warns Americans About Biden's Sick Agenda

In an interview with conservative news outlet Newsmax TV, the father of a victim of the Parkland school shooting discussed Joe Biden‘s gun control agenda.

Andrew Pollack is the author of “Why Meadow Died: The People and Policies That Created the Parkland Shooter and Endanger America’s Students”. Meadow was his daughter, who was killed during a school shooting on February 14, 2018 at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

The show’s host, Grant Stinchfield, began the interview by asking Pollack, “How do you sum up the state of school security three years later, and all the work that you’ve done to keep kids safe?”

“I was so disgusted that Biden, on the anniversary of my daughter getting murdered, announced — you know, his administration announced — that they were going to do all these, put all these gun control measures in place,” Pollack began.

“Every one of those [gun control measures] that he wants to put in place wouldn’t have made a difference in my daughter getting murdered in Parkland. They’re not capable of looking at solutions. What I did, I took a step back when the media — mainstream media — was attacking our Second Amendment. I took a step back, and I looked into the failures in Parkland, and I dissected them one by one. I wanted to make a difference, I wanted to help law enforcement with their response to a mass shooting, and that’s what I did. I came up with an organization called ‘School Safety Grant.’ Any law enforcement agency, I urge them to go on Go on my website, we dissect all the failures,” Pollack continued.

“When you put just gun control measures in, you mask solutions… They’re very simple-minded, you know, they’re not able to look at the failures… All those students and the media, they jumped on the gun control bandwagon,” he added.

Pollack also discussed the failures of the school during the shooting, including “the gates being open, against school policy,” lack of proper mental health counseling, lack of proper threat assessments, and the 45 visits by the sheriffs department to the house of the shooter prior to the incident, which never ended in an arrest.

Watch the full interview here:

Pollack’s point is simple: instead of focusing on guns, the government should be focused on the failures that led to the shooting being possible. They should focus on protecting the kids, rather than taking away Americans’ right to own a firearm to protect themselves. They should have armed security guards at schools, just as these politicians have their own armed guards to protect them.

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