12yr Old Boy a HERO, Saves His Grandma When Two Armed Burglars Arrive


A 12-year-old young man is being hailed as a hero after wasting a socialist who broke in the door of the family apartment and capped his grandma, while trying to share her wealth. Police are still on the lookout for a second would-be burglar who got away after fleeing hot lead.

Hero defended grandma

Right around 12:30 a.m. early Saturday morning, two fashionably masked men barged into the wrong Goldsboro, North Carolina apartment, demanding money. They weren’t expecting to lose a gun battle to a 12-year-old.

From what detectives pieced together afterward, the men demanded money before one of them shot a 73-year-old female resident. The quick thinking young man defended his grandma by shooting at the intruders, chasing them away. One of the men didn’t get far and won’t be going to trial.

Police rolled up to the scene on South William street “at about 12:43 a.m.” Khalil Herring, aged 19 and a late resident of Goldsboro, was reportedly armed when police found him at a nearby intersection and took him to Wayne UNC Health Care, where he died.

He is the one suspected of starting the gunfight. They took Grandma Ellis to the same hospital. Her injuries are described as “non-life-threatening.”

The official police account of the incident is that “two masked people forced their way into the apartment, demanded money and shot one of the residents, Linda Ellis, 73. Family members identified her as the boy’s grandma.

“A 12-year-old juvenile occupant of the residence shot at the suspects with a firearm in self-defense, causing them to flee the area.” The police related, “preliminary evidence suggest Khalil Herring was one of the two masked intruders and was shot during the robbery.”

Khalil Herring won’t be robbing anyone else.

Second intruder at-large

Goldsboro police were thrilled to have something they could post on their Facebook page, noting that one of the two grandma bushwhacking bandits is still at-large.

“The intruders had demanded money from 73-year-old Linda Ellis and subsequently shot her. The second intruder has not been arrested yet.” Family members were able to fill in a couple of gaps in the account.

Randolph Bunn was the one unlucky enough to answer the door. He’s a son of Linda Ellis and great-uncle to the sharpshooting 12-year-old. “They came in the house, I open the door, I open it, and they came in there. One guy had a gun. They just put me down on the ground.”

Ellis was in the kitchen, “I don’t know why they shot her.” He praised the young man for his quick thinking which was obviously justified as self-defense. The attacker “just shot his grandma. He would have shot him too. He would’ve shot me too. he would’ve killed us all.”

Chiquita Coley Ellis, who’s listed on the family tree chart as Ellis’ great niece, was shocked at the incident. “My phone was constantly ringing, and ringing and ringing. I just couldn’t believe she been shot because she’s a good person.” Who shoots at a grandma?

“Why would somebody come into her house and do this? It’s got to stop. I don’t know what they’re thinking around here in Goldsboro, but it’s got to stop.” Now that her cousin has the reputation of Dirty Harry, the home invasion rate should drop substantially. No charges are expected to be filed against the young man and they’re thinking of working out a law enforcement scholarship for him.

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