Nancy Begs, as Negotiations Swirl…Thankfully Nunes and Jordan are Star Players


Nancy Pelosi started chasing down Senate republicans on Thursday, begging them to come back to the negotiating table. Democrat hopes to extend the highly controversial FISA spy program went swirling down the drain when President Trump threatened to instantly veto the watered down reforms. The wheels are already in motion for a big bipartisan pow-wow, where everyone is expected to go back to the drawing board. Thankfully, aggressive veteran “star players” Jim Jordan and Devin Nunes will be leading the conservative team.

Nancy Pelosi flipped over FISA

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi isn’t known for changing her mind. Even democrats are gasping over her “rare” reversal which “leaves behind a political mess for both parties.” She wanted to force the House version favored by democrats through, believing there were almost enough votes to override a veto. All the republicans who were along for the ride on a limited extension to buy time when the Covid-19 crisis hit, suddenly scattered when the president weighed in with his disapproval. Now Pelosi is doing back-flips and trying to play let’s make a deal.

“This has always been bipartisan,” Pelosi lied at a press conference. “All of the sudden, [Republican] commitment to national security disappeared by a tweet, the twinkle of a tweet.” At one point, there had been bipartisan support, then Adam Schiff let Jerrold Nadler talk him into pulling the whole thing off the table. When lawmakers got to take another look at it, all the substantial reforms had been removed. What was left amounts to Deep State monkey business as usual.

Nadler and Schiff will team up on the far-left side of the conference table while Nunes and Jordan will anchor down the far-right position. A surprising twist is that uber progressive democrats are just as angry with the bill as it stands as conservatives and libertarians are. There’s enough to anger everyone in it. Democrat Zoe Lofgren will be as hard to convince as Jim Jordan.

Talks will ‘begin quickly’

Our spy officials are anxious to get their power tools back. They got seriously spooked when they lost the ability to wiretap so-called “lone wolf” terrorists in America. Anarchists like conservative writers and outspoken tinfoil-hat conspirators of the Alex Jones and Larry Klayman variety. As it stands now, they can only put surveillance on real terrorists with connections to other countries. Nancy Pelosi wants the FISA laws back before people start looking at her bar tabs again.

Even though they’re moving fast, the Senate won’t be back in Washington until next week as Democrat Steny Hoyer pointed out. Lawmakers “would receive 72-hours notice before they will need to vote.” Everyone was expecting the House to let their version of the extension package go through.

Democrats keep blaming the bills collapse on the president’s tweet but that’s not the real issue. Since March, when the republicans favored the temporary extension, the public learned about the intentional plot to entrap Michael Flynn.

The FBI got caught lying to the FISA court

More importantly, the transcripts that Adam Schiff hid for two years prove that the FBI lied to the FISA court. They knew that Christopher Steele’s dirty dossier was full of lies and nothing but lies yet they insisted it proved they needed to wiretap Carter Page. They also knew Page was working with the CIA. The only reason he talked to any Russians was under CIA orders in an attempt to bust those Russians. The FBI and DOJ intentionally hid that from the judges.

“We want to make sure it’s not abused like it’s obviously been abused,” Jordan explains. He supported the earlier version but notes, “you don’t have the votes because we need more work done on this to correct it.” A big sticking point for conservatives is they want to see some kind of outside advocate representing the rights of the accused, since the accused cannot be present to defend themselves.

The far-left radical progressives are just as upset as the conservatives and that’s really driving Nancy Pelosi nuts. They refuse to back laws which undermine “the privacy rights of Americans.” Some last minute changes that Adam Schiff tried to sneak in at the last minute only made them more suspicious. There was a huge fight over “an amendment to restrict the FBI’s ability to monitor Americans’ web browsing history.”

The reason President Trump is so adamantly against renewing the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court provisions is because “the FBI abused its surveillance powers to monitor his campaign in 2016.” Barack Obama’s administration weaponized the intelligence community and Justice Department against a presidential candidate exactly the same as Nixon’s Watergate “plumbers.” What all of Obama’s men did was worse. After Trump won their rigged election anyway, they tried to overthrow a sitting President. Many Americans consider it Treason and believe all responsible should hang for it.

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