BLM Celebrates MLK Day with NASTY ‘Twerk on Washington’ Video

BLM MLK twerk capitol DC

The verified Instagram account of BLM shared a video montage of a woman twerking at various sites in Washington, D.C, as part of its Martin Luther King Day messaging campaign Monday. Black Lives Matter has no shame.

BLM celebrates MLK Day with nasty stripper twerking

While wearing stars and stripes-themed shorts, the featured model twerks at several D.C. landmarks, including the Lincoln Memorial, National Mall, Washington Monument, and the World World II Memorial.

BLM described the music video as part of a “decolonization of oversexualizing Black women’s bodies” in its attached message:

“Twerk on Washington is a declaration of freedom and healing. Advocating for the decolonization of oversexualizing Black women’s bodies to reclaim an ancient sacred dances of liberation and wellness. Sampling the “I Have a Dream” by the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered during the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. The shame of traditional African practices is not ours. Trauma is kept in the body, shake it off.”

Radical Lefties with no class or morals

BLM also framed last week’s unrest at the Capitol as driven by a “mob of white supremacists” as part of  “an attempt to overturn Trump’s defeat in the election,” echoing Democrat and left-wing news media narratives:

“This year is especially important to amplify [Martin Luther King Jr.’s] work more than ever after the violent events that took place at the US Capitol, our symbol of democracy, on January 6th. This attack against the 117th US Congress–carried out by a mob of white supremacists–was an attempt to overturn Trump’s defeat in the election, a direct assault on our right to vote and democracy.”

The official Twitter account of BLM shared memes of Martin Luther King Jr., emphasizing his advocacy of “a radical redistribution of political and economic power.” The organization tagged these posts “#RadicalKing.”

BLM regularly characterizes America as pathologized by “white supremacy” while calling for “racial justice” on its official social media profiles.

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