America Last: Biden’s Exec Order Blitzkrieg Will Only Get WORSE


Under the rule of Imperial Leader Biden, the interests of America will come dead last on the world stage. The blitzkrieg of executive orders will continue and only get worse as socialist progressives erase the borders, eliminate fossil fuels, murder babies, and lock everyone down in quarantine.

America isn’t just US anymore

In the United States, an outdated and debunked document called the Constitution used to limit federal government to make it accountable to We the People.

Then the globalist New World Order installed Joe Biden as governor of North Central America and the Constitution was shredded for toilet paper.

Under the old way of doing things, Congress would make the laws and the executive branch would be in charge of enforcing them. It doesn’t work that way these days.

It’s been clear to anyone who cares to look that the legislative branch sold America out to the open borders globalists long ago while removing all power of the administrative branch to enforce any of the laws which “the powers that be” don’t want enforced. To bureaucrats, “too much power is never enough.”

Now that all the “nationalist” nonsense is over, Imperial Leader Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. is proving he’s a typical bureaucrat. He’s been using his pen so fast that even Barack Obama is impressed.

Biden started cranking out a blitzkrieg of executive orders as fast as he could pull them off the stack, as soon as he sat down in the Oval Office. It was only the beginning. He will make America into Venezuela in no time.

Like a Pez dispenser

As RedState writes, Biden will be “an un-repentantly power-grabbing chief executive issuing Executive Orders like a Pez dispenser.” Now that he’s crushed the conservative patriot movement, and destroyed the concept that America is the same as the United States, the orders come from the Open Societies Foundations.

George Soros is in the process of stepping down, and currently there’s no indication who his replacement will be. The 90-year-old billionaire put everything he had into crushing Donald Trump into the dust, now he’s crawling off to die, knowing his plot was successful. The vast collection of Open Societies branches have been fighting among themselves for what’s left in his bank accounts.

Everyone in North, Central, and South America can now be certain that the red carpet will be soon rolled back out to refugees, Covid-19 or no Covid-19. The caravans have already started forming.

All those who have been stigmatized by Trump into hiding in the shadows where la migra can’t find them, can rest assured that amnesty is on the way. All those kids who had their deportations deferred simply because they were dragged in by their parents will be granted amnesty as well. It’s time for unity.

Congress? We don’t need no steeking Congress. They take to long to write laws, then they actually have to be enforced. That doesn’t work. Not in the new and improved post-Constitutional America.

Instead, since Congress is now guaranteed to rubber stamp anything the Imperial Leader decrees, and the Supreme Court will be packed up with more justices until he has the edge there too, Biden can do as he pleases. The only thing he needs to fear is Kamala Harris waiting in the shadows. He’s probably hired a food tester already.

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