Peeping Tom Receives Deadly Karma By Woman With a Rifle


When police arrived, they found the alleged peeping Tom dead in the driveway. Karma comes instantly at the hands of female Second Amendment supporters. Proud Boys aren’t the ones to fear. Women with weapons who know how to use them are vicious. The rapists and muggers are the ones who should be terrified.


One less peeping Tom

The courts would have probably let the pervert go with a slap on the wrist but the heavily armed homeowner sentenced “Tom” to death. There are too many sick and twisted methed out weirdos on the streets these days to take any chances. Now there is one less.

A woman alone in her bedroom felt threatened by the man she saw leering evilly through her window so she shot him. Several times. Through the wall. With a rifle.

The incident happened in Houston, Texas late Friday night, September 10. When police showed up in the 890 block of Irvington Boulevard around 11 p.m. They “found a man dead in the driveway.”

Tom was shot in the torso, at least once. They aren’t releasing his real name yet but officials do not believe the peeping pervert knew the resident he was peering in at.

The official story related by the rifle toting vigilante is that she caught Tom “peeping through her bedroom window” so she “grabbed her rifle and fired through the wall of her home several times.”

She wasn’t going to let him see whatever he saw and live to to tell the tale. Besides, she felt threatened.

The police believe her

Police seem to be buying her story because so far, it all adds up. They’re still digging into it though, just for something to do that doesn’t involve catching and releasing Antifa anarchists for burning and looting local merchants.

They don’t think Tom was set up for an ambush but these are strange times.

Houston Police Lieutenant R. Willkens confirmed “we’re being told it was a peeping Tom. There was an adult female that was in one of the bedrooms who observed him looking into her window. She was in fear. She had a rifle.”


“She shot numerous times through the wall, ending up striking the male. The male ran little and passed out over here. He is dead on the scene.”

They’re keeping the woman’s name confidential but say she’s “cooperating with the investigators.” They can’t poke any holes in her peeping Tom story so agree with her “claims that she fired at the intruder in self-defense.”

They haven’t charged her with any crimes. They looked into it, they say and from what they know now, the “woman and the intruder did not appear to be in any relationship or know one another before the incident.”

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