Police Respond to Home Invasion, Gunfire ERUPTS as Officers are Ambushed


Two men have been arrested in connection to shooting at several police officers after they respond to a home invasion.

Police Fight for their Lives

On August 23, officers responded to reports of a robbery or home invasion that was currently in progress.

When police arrived, two people began to open fire on the officer and struck several of them with bullets.

At this point, it is unknown if there was actually a home invasion or if it was a premeditated plan to lure officers to the location for the purpose of shooting them, Law Enforcement Today reports.

Three of the four officers were hit with bullets and the police returned fire but did not make contact with the suspects.

Officers Receive Good Prognosis

Reports from ABC7 show that the injuries the officers received are non-life-threatening with hits to the leg, arm and chest.

A press release from the Prince George Police stated:

“The vehicle camera of the first officer who arrived at the scene recorded the beginning of the sudden attack. The suspects opened fire as soon as the first officer’s vehicle was stopped.  The officer was shot multiple times but he was able to respond with his weapon and make an emergency radio call to send reinforcements.

The suspects got into his vehicle and drove towards the end of the street at full speed before making a U-turn and heading back in the direction of the officers. The suspects continued to fire at the officers as they tried to flee but crashed into a tree on Capital View Terrace.  Both suspects sustained injuries as a result of the crash.  None of them were shot. Both were arrested and taken into custody.  A gun was recovered at the scene and a second pistol [was located] inside the suspect’s vehicle.”

The two suspects arrested have been identified by police as Andre Larnell Smith, from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, and Steven Maurice Warren of Washington.

Along with various gun-related offenses, the two suspects are being charged with first and second-degree attempted murder.

Mainstream Media Silent on Incident

Republican Governor Larry Hogan lent his support to the wounded officers and tweeted: “We are all extending our prayers to the three officers shot tonight in Price George’s County.  @MDSP has offered its full support for the investigation.” 

Despite the tragedy of this incident, the mainstream media has been silent on the situation.

Even though several officers were possibly lured to the area on false pretense only to be shot at and hit, the media has refused to cover the story.

  1. I have come to the conclusion that the majority of the news media are liberal puppets and are doing everything they can to sway the election to the democrats.

  2. Attempted murder of a police officer should be an immediate death sentence. No appeals, just taken right after the sentencing and executed.

  3. One must wonder if police “failed to make contact” (i) coincidentally, (ii) because of their ROE, or (1110for fear that the perps were what they are and that it might trigger a riot.

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