Prosecution Pushes to Intro ‘Evidence’ on Kyle Rittenhouse


Prosecutors are seeking to slander Kyle Rittenhouse with a number of absurd claims in their effort to carry out a judicial lynching of the young man who defended himself from rioters. The “evidence” that the prosecution is introducing claims that the teen is a violent extremist who intentionally set out to murder people in search of notoriety. Prosecutors are evidently hoping to punish Rittenhouse for the popular support he has received.

Teen under attack for defending himself

Kyle Rittenhouse gained national fame unintentionally last year when he shot three people during the BLM riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Rittenhouse had gone to Kenosha armed and intending to protect local businesses and offer first-aid to anyone injured during the chaos. He found himself surrounded and threatened by a violent mob that made him fear for his life.

The first man killed by Kyle, Joseph Rosenbaum, was a registered sex offender convicted of molesting multiple children. He encouraged Rittenhouse to shoot him before allegedly attacking the teen and attempting to grab his weapon.

Rittenhouse attempted to escape but was chased by a large group of rioters, including Anthony Huber, who had an extensive history of domestic violence incidents. Huber was shot after attempting to bludgeon Kyle with a skateboard.

Gaige Grosskreutz, a communist activist, was shot in the bicep after aiming a gun at Rittenhouse at close range. He has since claimed that his only regret is not killing Rittenhouse before the teen had a chance to defend himself.

All of these upstanding individuals were regular fixtures at Wisconsin BLM and Antifa protests and riots. The defense hopes to admit evidence of their criminal histories.

Kyle Rittenhouse slandered in court

The prosecution is hoping to make the case that Kyle, rather than fearing for his life after being put cornered by these violent men, actually set out with the intention of killing multiple protesters.

Aiding in this outlandish argument are some of the usual suspects. The prosecution cites the leftist Southern Poverty Law Center in their attempt to smear Rittenhouse.

They allege that he is associated with the Proud Boys, who the SPLC describes as a “hate group.” Members of the Proud Boys, like many others on the right, have been vocal supporters of Kyle and his right to self-defense.

The amount of support that he has received is in fact, according to the prosecution, evidence that proves that Rittenhouse wanted to gain notoriety.

The prosecution case increasingly appears to be an attempt to punish Rittenhouse and make an example of him as a direct retaliation against the millions of Americans who have spoken in his defense.

With hardly any formal organization from politicians or powerful organizations, donations have flooded into the Rittenhouse defense fund from normal Americans.

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