Rep. Omar Drops Bombshell Announcement in Favor of Trump

Never expected this…
Ilhan Omar
Photo via CBS This Morning YouTube Video Screenshot

You know that phrase “when hell freezes over”? Well, it would appear that just happened.

Late Wednesday night, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) complimented Trump on how he is handling the coronavirus response so far.

Protecting Americans and the Economy

It as just as important right now for Trump to address the financial stability of this country as well as fighting this virus.

The administration has put significant measures in place to slow the spread of the virus, but these measures as well as what local officials are doing is creating a huge economic strain on both individuals and businesses.

To push back against this, the administration has announced financial stimulus for families, small businesses, as well as enacting the Defense Production Act.

This will enable the government to force private manufacturing firms to produce supplies that are needed immediately.

Omar and some of her fellow Democrats have gotten behind Trump on this, but Omar took it a step further by sending out several tweets to announce her support of these measures…

Enacting the Defense Production Act

This piece of legislation was put into play during the 1950s to be able to handle the need for military equipment during the Korean War.

Trump has recently taken to describing this as a wartime effort, but the enemy is the invisible coronavirus.

This narrative seems to have hit home with many people on both sides of the aisle.

If Trump chooses to put this legislation into play, it will more than likely be to direct manufacturing plants to help produce ventilators, masks, and other medical supplies we are running low on throughout the country.

The panic buying throughout the country has created a significant shortage of this type of equipment, but 3M has considerably ramped up its production on masks.

President Trump, today, stated we should know in the next several days if activating this legislation will be necessary.

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