Report: Democrat Presidential Candidates in Major Financial Trouble

Democrat Primary Field
Photo via NBC News YouTube Video Screenshot

The field of the Democrat primary race may soon get narrowed down, but it won’t be because these candidates believe they don’t’ have a path to the White House.

Heading into Nevada, four of the top candidates are running out of money.

With Bernie Sanders dominating in Nevada, that situation is only going to get worse, not better.

The War Chests Are Empty

Biden, Buttigieg, Warren, and Klobuchar all opened up their piggy banks to fight for Iowa and New Hampshire.

The only one that got rewarded for his spending, though, was Pete Buttigieg.

Other than a handful of delegates for Biden and Warren, it was a complete washout for everyone.

Donors are starting to look at performance and because most of these candidates don’t have a real path, the money is starting to dry up.

Warren has been a complete flop and her last campaign finance report showed that she only had $2.3 million left in the chest.

Klobuchar is not much better, having only $2.9 million left.

Buttigieg, the one candidate that should have received a huge boost from his early performance, is also struggling, having only $6.6 million left as of February 1.

Even Joe Biden, who has the support of the big money establishment donors,  has only $7.1 million left.

Based on what is happening in Nevada, at least two of these candidates, if not three, could be completely busted out before Super Tuesday.

The Rest of the Field

Somehow, Tom Steyer is still in this race even though he has failed to generate any support at all.

He has pumped about $200 million of his own cash into his campaign and does not seem as though he has any plans on pulling out of the race.

Bloomberg has reportedly spent about $450 million and he has yet to register a delegate and probably won’t until Super Tuesday.

Then, of course, we have Bernie Sanders, the man who continues to get people to make $20 donations that keep him plugging right along.

Sanders had about $17 million left as of the last report (February 1) and he reportedly brought in almost $3 million from the debate this week. Suffice it to say, Sanders will not run out of money during this campaign.

The field is going to have to make some decisions soon to narrow down because donors are drying up and Sanders is running away with this race.

That decision, however, may actually come from their bank accounts because it is hard to imagine donors continuing to pour money into some of these campaigns if Super Tuesday rolls around and they have failed to grab a single delegate.


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