REPORT: Dems Slide 100mil into Bill

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There were two key takeaways I had from watching President Biden’s town hall meeting on CNN last Tuesday. First, this is a man who shouldn’t be around anything sharper than a computer mouse. Second, when it comes to a COVID relief bill, he wants to go big.


Democrats looking to destroy the dollar with another wasteful spending bill

You would think this would go without saying, given this is $1.9 trillion of spending. However, Biden made it clear everyone was in his corner when it came to making it rain.

Well, maybe not clear, but perhaps obvious is the better word: “I’m committed to pass — look, here’s — some of you are probably economists or college professors or you’re teaching in school,” Biden told host Anderson Cooper, according to a White House transcript.

“This is the first time in my career — and as you can tell, I’m over 30 — the first time in my career that there is a consensus among economists left, right, and center that is over — and including the IMF and in Europe — that the overwhelming consensus is: In order to grow the economy a year or two, three, and four down the line, we can’t spend too much. Now is the time we should be spending. Now is the time to go big.”

“So I think bigger,” Biden said. “And the vast majority of serious people say bigger is better now, not spending less.”

Even if that spending has nothing to do with COVID relief, like the over $100 million that could potentially be doled out to an over-budget public works project in Silicon Valley.

Corrupt Dems giving out your tax dollars to their friends in Big Tech

According to Fox Business, the House version of the coronavirus relief bill has a heap of money for an underground rail line extension of the Bay Area Rapid Transit system that wouldn’t open until 2030 at the earliest and has already been a money pit.

The House Transit Committee put the spending in their section of the bill, where language states that “all projects under section 3005(b) of Public Law 114-94 that received allocations for fiscal year 2019 and 2020” except “projects open for revenue service.”

There’s only one project that currently falls into that category: The BART phase 2 extension, which would run the rail line underneath San Jose. The project has already been criticized because of the amount of local sales taxes it’s taken up. Now, it would take up $112 million of our federal tax dollars, at least under the current formulas.

According to Fox Business, the project — which is championed by Silicon Valley corporations — would use one of the largest boring machines in history to dig the tunnel underneath San Jose. Republicans aren’t necessarily jazzed about the plan, as you might imagine.

“An earmark to help cover the cost of Big Tech’s subway construction costs has nothing to do with combatting COVID-19,” said Steve Kelly, spokesperson for the Senate Banking Committee Republicans, regarding the project; the Senate Banking Committee has purview over mass transit projects in the upper chamber.

“It doesn’t help one person get the vaccine or boost testing capabilities. This is just further proof that congressional Democrats view the reconciliation process as a means to push through their wish list — which includes forcing taxpayers to pay even more for an over budget and delayed construction project in one of the wealthiest regions in the country.”

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