Report: Omar Facing Numerous Criminal Investigations

Please let this be true!
Ilhan Omar
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One of the most outspoken voices against Donald Trump in the Democrat party has her own legal problems to deal with, according to new reports.


On Thursday night, multiple outlets reported that Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is now the subject of multiple investigations being conducted by various federal agencies.

About That Marriage

At the center of the probes is believed to be the very shady marital habits of Omar.

According to the most detailed report in The Blaze, at least three departments are now investigating the controversial congresswoman.

Directly as a result of a complaint filed by Rep. Steve Drazkowski (R-MN), the FBI’s special agent in charge has referred the case to other departments to expand her possible criminal behavior spanning from 2009 to 2017.

Possible Student Loan Fraud

The first investigation is with the Inspector General of the Department of Education.

This investigation is looking into possible fraud for student loans.

Omar, while reportedly living with her first husband, was married to another man with a joint address in North Dakota, which is where Omar attended school.

This marriage would end, but not until Omar received her degree.

What has everyone’s ears up on this is that Omar herself referenced living with her first husband while this sham marriage was on the record.

Additionally, the beginning and end of this marriage coincide with Omar’s education (not long after Omar got her degree in 2011, she separated from her husband).

When finally filing for divorce in 2017, Omar appears to have perjured herself at least eight times regarding her interaction and contact with her previous husband.

Possible ICE Violations

An even bigger problem for Omar is her Immigration and Customs Enforcement issues.

This investigation is directly related to the circumstances mentioned above but this is further exacerbated by Omar’s obsession with having ICE disbanded.

Between Omar’s own public statements, social media, and public record, the facts just don’t match up, which many believe is why Omar is trying so desperately to have ICE abolished.

If the agency no longer exists, her problems go away, right? And to this point, the Democrat party has largely dismissed the possible felony violations by Omar regarding student loan fraud and immigration problems.

This, of course, does not even account for the investigations into her finances, where she has already been proven to have violated campaign finance laws.

If The Blaze report is true and there are open investigations, it will be very curious to see what information makes its way to the media during the election cycle and how Democrats choose to defend or not defend Omar as the heat gets turned up.

  1. One of the things I have read about this corrupt and evil woman is that she was NOT eligible to be a refugee. In fact, her father was responsible for the terrorism she claims she was attempting to escape. Her real last name is NOT Omar, it’s the name of a person who agreed to take her as baggage when he came to America, as a refugee. According to our law, I don’t believe terrorists or their children are eligible to be refugees.

    1. I’m just thinking that her father is the root cause of the Obama Somali invasion in the US. I’m wondering if the Somalis understand this. Probably not since they are the ones who voted her in mostly.

  2. She is always smiling because she thinks the US is stupid, like Obama did. Whe is laughing at us for allowing her to sneak into congress. Why waste so much time with her. She’s guilty put her in GITMO for the rest of her life with the other Terrorists

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