Riots and Mass Destruction of Private Property Over Night in This Lawless City

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More than 20 vehicles were damaged overnight in the North Kelso area of Washington state, according to Kelso Police Department. Many of the cars had at least one tired slashed or punctured. Several Democrat run cities in the west have exploded with violence and rioting in the past week. The BLM and Antifa commies are at it again.


Dopey Democrats allow Communists to destroy their cities

“I got in the truck to go to work, and I noticed the truck was definitely driving different,” Seth Eschbacher said. “I had a flat tire, so did my girlfriend, two flats on her vehicle as well doggone it! Three flat tires one day- the slasher!

The vandal hit cars on Harris Street North to Division Street all the way from the Cowlitz River East to Ross Avenue. Neighbors say while they sometimes see people wandering through the neighborhood at night, this isn’t the norm.

“A lot of people just looking to go to work, make their daily living, get inconvenienced by something like a flat tire,” he said. “I was number 15 evidently!”

Eschbacher said he’s going to be set back about $600 and hopes whoever did this hopefully learns from it all and doesn’t do it again, but the likelihood of that is somewhere around zero. These commie kids have no respect for hard working Americans.

Kelso police are asking anyone who may have seen something suspicious last night to give them a call. They’re also asking anyone who lives in the area to check their security cameras if they have them for any suspicious activity.

Antifa and BLM riot and the mainstream media remains silent

Protests marking the one-year anniversary of the officer-involved shooting death of Breonna Taylor turned violent in three West Coast cities Saturday night. The incidents evolved into riots in Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle.

Marches in three West Coast cities became violent as protesters clashed with police and began destroying property, Fox News reported. Rioters threw rocks at police, vandalized police vehicles, and smashed windows of businesses. When will these Lefty mayors wake up and realize they are under siege?

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