He’s Finally Been FIRED, Good Riddance!


The Biden campaign has parted ways with election lawyer Marc Elias, the one responsible for arranging the infamous “Russia collusion” hoax.

He also filed many of the lawsuits that enabled Joe Biden to win in 2020.

This news comes as no surprise however, given his controversial past and divisive political leanings.

Marc Elias has been notorious for challenging election results since 2008 when he helped Al Franken defeat incumbent Republican Senator Norm Coleman, thus tipping the Senate towards a filibuster-proof majority for Democrats.

His presence in politics goes even deeper as he is often seen on MSNBC attacking and mocking Republican efforts to challenge elections.

In 2017, it was revealed that while working for Perkins Coie law firm – an organization closely aligned with Democratic Party ideals – he hired Fusion GPS to prepare the so-called Russia “dossier” which ultimately launched an FBI investigation and fueled media conspiracy theories that sought to overturn the 2016 election.

After being called upon as a key witness in Michael Sussmann’s case, Elias separated himself from Perkins Coie before eventually being acquitted by a jury in D.C., though some have referred to this ruling as an act of “jury nullification” due to Trump’s unpopularity inside The Beltway and his opponents’ presumed innocence over guiltiness.

Fast forwarding into 2020, we see just how far Elias’ influence can reach as he led several Democratic Party efforts to challenge voting laws and allow for universal vote-by-mail using covid-19 pandemic as justification.

This echoes previous strategies used by their party earlier on to turn out more voters in higher numbers than Republicans could manage at the time.

While his intentions may have been noble during this period, it doesn’t change the fact that he still challenged election results when Democrats lost, going so far as claiming voting machines were at fault!

This resulted in him receiving sanctions from The Fifth Circuit Court who had previously rejected similar motions submitted by him earlier on too.

After all these years of controversy surrounding Marc Elias, it appears that his days are finally numbered within Biden’s campaign team after they decided it would be best if they went their separate ways due to various differences between him and Bob Bauer regarding strategy and style.

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