Russian Collusion 2.0: Dems Ramp Up New Conspiracy Theory as They Grasp for Straws

Here we go again…
Donald Trump
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As the election cycle swings into action, so do the fresh rumors that the Russian government is trying to help Trump win the election.

Multiple outlets are now reporting that our intelligence community has informed Trump about this and that Trump tried to cover it up, but the facts are getting twisted, so we are going to try to make some sense of it for you.

Russian Interference

To be very clear, election interference is something that is attempted just about every year by every major power, including the United States.

We may not try to hack into systems (actually, I would not be surprised if we were), but the United States does and always has run influence campaigns when it needs to.

As far as the Russians are concerned, an intelligence briefing was held with members of Congress to inform them that the Russians were once again trying to meddle in the election.

For the record, the same information was given about the Bernie Sanders campaign, and his campaign was so advised.

The briefing was given by Shelby Pierson and the fact the briefing even occurred was then leaked to the media, with the New York Times first reporting it.

The reports then stated that Trump was furious about the briefing, with reports stating that he wanted to bury the information so the Democrats could not use it against him.

As it turns out, Trump was right.

Just listen to this report that went out on MSNBC…

What Really Happened

Now, as more information is coming to light, the original report seems to have gotten it a bit wrong.

Trump was not reportedly mad about the information itself, he was pissed because the briefing was not given to him directly and that he learned about the information via a briefing with members of Congress rather than directly through the intelligence community.

Now, you can make the argument, obviously, this is the role of the House Intelligence Committee, but we would also say Trump should have been informed as well. 

We absolutely need to prevent Russia from hacking our elections, but we also have to at least give the administration a chance to investigate and prevent it. 

Second, per a CNN report, intelligence officials believe the Pierson may have screwed up the briefing.

A national security official told CNN, “A more reasonable interpretation of the intelligence is not that they have a preference, it’s a step short of that.

“It’s more that they understand the President is someone they can work with, he’s a dealmaker.

“But not that they prefer him over (Bernie) Sanders or (Pete) Buttigieg or anyone else.”

“So, it may have been mischaracterized by Shelby.”

This media and Democrats are blowing this up to undermine the 2020 election and it is working.

Social media is in pure panic right now that the election is already rigged, when we know for a fact no government has ever been able to change votes that were cast by Americans.

What is happening is we are all being set up for Dems to once again fight the results if Trump wins.

And round and round we go.

  1. Whether the Russians meddle or not….and so what if they try?…..the dems are going to report that Trump is HELPING them to help HIM win the elction. The dems will say that thie 2020 election is/was rigged and that Trump is not the legitimately elected President. They will AGAIN go after the Electors to cast their votes against Trump and AGAIN go after the House members to go against the Electors. Then we will have another 3-4 years of further Russian investigations, more special prosecutors and again, another impeachment attempt all over the same BS that didn;t work before. GOD help us all at the 2024 election.

  2. EXACTLY!!! And I’m frankly SICK of their constant, chronic lies, getting away with their criminal insanity & most people believing it all because they never hear one word of TRUTH from the Marxist stream propaganda media arm of the Commiecrap Party! It’s terrifying to me to think that “Bolshevik Bernie” could very well be our next “president” (Dictator)! So, GOD help us ALL in the 2020 election!

  3. Come 2020 I doubt the democrats will be in any position of power. Their past 3 years of frantic bullcrap accusations have pretty well soured a lot of voters…even within their own base. We Americans are not as dumb as they think, we have seen past the hype and lies to see what they are doing, whining because President Trump is doing a fantastically good job of leading and not bowing to a watered down compromise policy. The democrats are doing a bang up good job of destroying any chance they have of getting any one of their looser candidate elected President. They will end up loosing control of the House bigly, Nancy will have to give up the gavel, and may end up loosing her seat (Hopefully), and chuckie, I don’t know if he is up for election, but he is standing in quicksand up to his reading glasses.

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