Satan Worshipping Democrat Liberals Destroy Unborn Baby Memorial

abortion memorial vandalized

A memorial to babies killed in abortions set up by pro-life students at the University of Austin at Texas was destroyed within 12 hours of being set up on the college lawn late last month.

Radical Lefties are hateful psychopaths with no tolerance for other beliefs

The College Fix reported that UT Austin Young Conservatives of Texas unveiled the Memorial for the Innocents display on March 23 only to have it completely dismantled by, the students believe, pro-abortion activists.

Whoever did destroy the poignant memorial took down the 1,000 tiny pink flags, each meant to represent 800 babies to memorialize, in total, the over 800,000 babies that are killed by abortion each year.

The vandals also removed signs and information about how babies develop in the womb and facts on abortion.

Members of the conservative student group told local outlet KVUE that they believed they had identified several individuals who may have been the vandals. This included one individual who’d admitted to having removed the flags in a comment on Reddit.

“It is a sad day for the state of higher education when liberal students feel that they are free to vandalize the peaceful demonstrations of conservative students,” said Ariana Silva, one of the group’s vice-chairs. “This behavior is abhorrent and should be unthinkable.”

It certainly doesn’t get any more peaceful than a memorial to babies who will never be born. In a statement, the group explained that the display had aimed at showing their support for laws that protect these most innocent of lives from the cruel fate met by the babies the display remembered.

“This memorial was intended to send a message to the Texas Legislature, that we, the younger generation, venerate life from conception to natural death and will not stop praying and remembering the slain unborn until this barbaric practice is abolished,” the group explained.

abortion memorial vandalized

Unhinged Democrats destroy a memorial for dead babies

In a statement to the Daily Wire, a university spokesperson said they did not receive any reports about the vandalism, but they encourage students to report concerns to the Dean’s Office.

“The university strongly defends freedom of expression and has content-neutral processes protecting free speech activities,” university spokesperson J.B. Bird told outlet. “Outdoor areas are open to the public, and free speech activities, such as demonstrations, do not require university approval. Students and student organizations can apply through the Dean of Students’ Office to put up outdoor displays and exhibits.”

LifeNews notes that they have recorded “nearly 200 incidents targeting pro-lifers in 2019 and 2020, including a bomb threat during a 40 Days for Life event in Minnesota, the brutal attack of an older pro-life man outside an abortion facility in San Francisco, a pro-life banner set on fire inside a Western Washington University building, and a man charged with pulling a gun on pro-lifers outside a Delaware abortion facility.”

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