Save America: Trumps Ad That Destroys The Biden Admin


Once and Future President Donald Trump is our only hope to save America. His team just put out a scathing ad which totally destroys the Joe Biden narrative. With video images carefully crafted to match the headline news sound bites, team Trump asks the public “if this isn’t failure, then what does failure look like exactly?” That’s only one small part of the explosive material in there.


Save America – From Biden!

America is not safe these days and you can thank Imperial leader Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. for that. His Wisdom promised “a future of growth, strength, diplomacy, and power.”

Instead, he “withdrew troops from Afghanistan before removing our weapons, our allies, or even our own citizens.”

“America is back,” Biden babbled, over and over again. Back in the swamp. “Joe Biden has backed down to our enemies and failed to protect our allies. Under Joe Biden, the Taliban is back.”

They’re so firmly in control that we need to ask their permission to move people to the airport for evacuation. ISIS-K isn’t paying any attention to the deal between us and the Taliban for a peaceful withdrawal. They’re going door to door rounding up anyone they don’t like and threatening to kill relatives if the ones they want aren’t handed over pronto. They’re following through on the threats too.

This is not the nation we all know and love. Meanwhile, the lamestream globalist controlled media propaganda mill “refuses to blame Biden for the destruction and tragedy he’s caused.”

Trump will. “We will hold him responsible. We can show America the truth, and it’s up to YOU to make sure everyone sees this.”


The 90-second, campaign-style spot was launched on digital platforms “attacking President Joe Biden, criticizing his embattled successor’s handling of the U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan.”

The video refers to His Wisdom as the “surrenderer-in-chief,” and displays a mind numbing “montage of still photographs and video clips depicting the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan and chaos in Kabul as Americans and their Afghan allies struggle to secure their evacuation from the South-Central Asian nation.”The spot was produced by Trump’s political action committee, Save America.

Joe Biden lied to the world when he told us ‘America was back.’ “Instead, he surrendered to the Taliban, and left Americans behind to die in Afghanistan,” a spokesman relates.

“This will go down as one of the greatest Military failures in American history. Now, it’s the Taliban that is back.” It’s “time for the truth.”

The spot has no forgiveness for Biden’s other shortcomings. America is fed up with the “Biden administration’s ‘woke’ advertisements, the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan following Biden’s assertion that that would not happen, and the border crisis.”

As we pull our troops out of Afghanistan in defeat, the invasion of our homeland by illegals continues unchecked. The citizens will only take so much lawlessness and anarchy before they turn vigilante and take the law into their own hands. It’s been done before.

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