Saved By The Bell Star Leaks Brand New Swimsuit Photo

Tiffani Amber Thiessen

There are some people that never really age. Sure, they get older, but they never really do age.

You can sometimes use this to tell the people that lived well, and never really did anything that would prematurely age them.

Now let’s not kid ourselves here, there is no way that someone is going to look the same at nearly fifty years old as they did when they were twenty.

I am talking about the thing where you look at someone that is nearly fifty years old and they look as close to twenty as they possibly can.

Some people do this through plastic surgery, and some people have done it just from living a good life.

Take for example Tiffani Amber Thiessen, she is someone that anyone over a certain age will think of and smile.

As cheesy as the show could be at times, Saved by the Bell was a big deal for countless people in the late eighties and early nineties growing up.

Hell, I remember even a couple of years after the show went off the air in its original run you could find the show on reruns at least a couple of times a day depending on the television station you were watching at the time.

We all remember what Tiffany looked like when she was playing Kelly on that show. The big question is how well has she managed to hold up in the decades since the show went off the air.

Judging by the picture you are about to see, I would say that she held up pretty darned good. Recently, a photo was leaked of Tiffany wearing a dark one piece swimsuit while out on the beach.

As everyone knows if you are out on a day at the beach you probably aren’t going to be magazine ready to have a picture taken at a moment’s notice.

That being said, she still looks pretty good even when there is no prep being done and it looks like she was ambushed by the person taking the photo.

It just goes to show you that if you live right and don’t succumb to drugs and the like, you can look as good as you possibly can even as you get older.

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