Shock Rep. Omar Announcement Proves She Has Been Lying All Along

We have her dead to rights.
Ilhan Omar
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Once again, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has been proven to be a liar.


After having repeatedly denied having an affair with political consultant Tim Mynett, Omar revealed on her Instagram account that the two are now married.


While this marriage may seem like a whirlwind affair, that is hardly the case.

There have been rumors floating around about Mynett and Omar for quite some time.

In fact, Mynett’s wife filed for divorce and specifically mentioned the alleged affair with Omar in her petition.

When Omar was asked point-blank if she was involved with Mynett, she stated, “No, I am not.

“I have no interest in allowing the conversation about my personal life to continue and so I have no desire to discuss it.”

It is a fairly safe assumption to now assume that Omar’s statement was a blatant lie.

Her lie is very much relevant now to allegations made about campaign finance violations.

Mynett’s ex claimed Omar was paying for personal travel for Mynett during the campaign and writing it off as campaign expenses.

Rather than conspiracy theory, this very much seems like what was happening now.

Let’s also not forget that Omar and Mynett were caught at a restaurant allegedly holding hands while she was making an appearance at a political event in California.

The restaurant was some 20 miles away from where the event was being held, as the two were believed at the time to have been trying to avoid attention by going somewhere out of the way, but she was recognized.

Keeping the Money in the Family

So, not only was Omar lying to everyone about the alleged affair, but she is also paying Mynett a tidy sum out of her campaign funds.

Breitbart reported that in the fourth quarter of 2019, her campaign has paid Mynett’s firm $215,000.

In all the firm was paid $525,000.

These payments are now the subject of an FCC complaint by the E Street Group, stating, “If Ilhan for Congress reimbursed Mynett’s LLC for travel so that Rep. Omar would have the benefit of Mynett’s romantic companionship, the expenditures must be considered personal in nature.”

Omar is learning the D.C. game rather quickly… keep the money in the family, just like Joe Biden.

  1. Of course Omar is a liar and the article is written in a manner to suggest this is a revelation. It isn’t! I have a guaranteed method of determining whether a politician is a liar- Ilhan Omar is a Demorrhoid and when she is mentioned it will say, Ilhan Omar (D), Minnesota. The tip off is the (D) after her name because it identifies her as a liar to 100% certainty. A small percentage of the politicians with a (R) after their names are also liars and you need to study them a while to see if they are one (a study will show some to be what are termed RINOs and they are the ones who are also liars). Now that you know the trick, Barack Obama (D), Bill Clinton (D), Nancy Pelosi (D), Adam Schiff (D), Chuck Schumer (D), Hillary Clinton (D), Joe Biden (D) and so forth. Use this scheme and never be tricked again by one of these congenital liars.

  2. She married him so he can’t testify against her. She always has a reason (to her advantage) for the things she does.

  3. If peloshi had taken care of the demoncratic party and congress, omar would be a has been, but ms Nancy loves having the criminal elements in her company so she can feel superior with her long standing questionable activities. An honest person, especially a member of congress such as peloshi, who should be loyal and dedicated to the United States of America, would keep the house clean. Not Nancy, she loves these aliens such as omar who are allowed here under false pretenses. It’s your party Nancy, lets see how awful you really lead. Omar is the perfect demoncrat, she is their bright and shining star. Ha! Ha!

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