Squad Turns on DNC Boss Tom Perez

This is a HUGE power move by the radical left!
Tom Perez
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The Squad is doing everything it can to create more divide in the Democrat party in an effort to drive more support for Bernie Sanders all as putting their own people in place atop the party.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), the assumed leader for the far-left Squad group in the House, slammed DNC head Tom Perez over the handling of the Iowa caucus and several of her fellow Squad members piled it on.

Just a Complete Disaster

Everyone knows Iowa was a complete debacle and disaster for the Democrat party.

Shockingly, the local party chairman is not even trying to hide from it.

Perez even came out this week to call for a “recanvassing” of the vote to ensure the results were not corrupted.

That, however, did not stop AOC and company from going after Perez.

She stated, “What’s happened in Iowa is a complete disgrace and someone needs to be held responsible.

“I think there’s a conversation needed around taking responsibility for Iowa and ensuring that this bungled process never happens again.”

While AOC did not directly mention Perez in her comments, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) had no problem doing so.

She stated, “I would say Tom Perez should be held accountable for this failure.

“I believe it all starts from the top.

“These are things that Tom should do and should have done.

“If this was happening in my home state, we would be having a very serious conversation about what accountability would look like for our own chair.”

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) also piled on, stating, “I’m sure there is shared blame to go around.

“But Tom Perez is the head of the DNC, and I do think that there clearly was not the process in place to make sure all these [protocols] were going to be followed.”

Taking Over the Party

While they are all right to call out the party for the handling of Iowa, especially the fact the app was reportedly barely tested and done on the cheap, the statement by Omar really tells you what this attack was all about.

AOC and company are trying to have their own little coup within the party to take over leadership roles.

This is why Pelosi broke and went forward with the impeachment, something that went against her original instincts, and it why they are now calling out Perez.

Slowly but surely, they are hoping to put more socialists in place so they can completely transform the ideology of the party, then they will begin to work on changing the ideology of this country.

  1. Really democrats these are the people you want leading your party? Wacked our Muslims and socialists like Tliab, Omar, O’Crazio? These people are undermining America let alone your party. Reject them for the sake of our republic and freedom.

  2. Time for the Squad, Perez, Sanders, Warren all progressives to depart from the Democrat party and form their own. It could properly be named the socialist, communist party actively on a mission to destroy the United States of America.

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