Supreme Court REMOVAL… Conservatives Stunned


In a recent case before the Supreme Court, Justice Clarence Thomas recused himself.

The case was presented by former Trump attorney, John Eastman.

I have seen Thomas take some shots about this on social media, so I wanted to address it.

The Right Thing

There have been posts on social media that Thomas caved to the left by recusing himself from this case, but that is far from the truth.

Eastman and Thomas have a legitimate connection.

First and foremost, Eastman was a clerk for Thomas when he was first starting out.

Second, Eastman was one of about 100 former clerks who wrote a letter to back Thomas when Democrats were trying to remove him from the bench.

Regardless of the final verdict, if Thomas backed Eastman in this case, it would have been considered a biased ruling based on that connection.

As it turns out, it did not matter because the court refused to review the case, with no dissenting opinions given.

So, back off Thomas on this one if you have been throwing stones at him on social media over this recusal.

If it was a liberal justice who had these connections, we would have been demanding a recusal.

Thomas did the right thing here.

Source: MSN

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