The FBI Decides They Need to Investigate Police in THIS State


Ever ubiquitous cell phone video has emerged from Missouri which is prompting the FBI to perform a full investigation. They’re looking into accusations that officers of the Woodson Terrace Police Department allowed one of their canine officers to gnaw on a suspect a lot longer than necessary to effectively enforce the law. The obviously biased accusation is still only a matter of opinion.


FBI investigates investigators

The FBI has nothing better to do than frame conservative White people for anything that remotely smells like it could be related to insurrection or racism. Especially White cops. Defunding them isn’t nearly enough. They need to be rounded up and put in prison for daring to enforce the laws when Black people break them.

Because it was lily White police officers in the Missouri town, who sicked their dog on a Black suspect, it had to be a racist hate crime.

Liberals don’t care that a violent maniac was threatening to kill cops at the top of his lungs, or that he was also so high on something he couldn’t understand basic commands like “put your hands behind your back.” All that matters to the FBI is his “feelings.”

The unidentified suspect howled in pain the first time Fido grabbed him. Trying to run away after that was his bad decision, not the dog’s. He apparently thought he could simply float away before the K-9 ripped him to shreds. Thankfully, the dog was on a leash and the handler only let him have a taste.

On Monday, September 20, the officers were called out to a local business. They had a “suspected trespasser who refused to leave.” As soon as he saw the cops, the man did leave. Headed straight toward another business. According to reports, that’s when the officers “made contact.” He didn’t seem to be having a nice day.

The man “immediately started threatening to kill the officers.” Whether the FBI decides to charge the cops or not, some say they’ll add the “victim” to their stable of radicals who can be recruited on “Q” to stage some false-flag event on demand.

Walked into traffic

The man identified himself as “a sovereign citizen” and thereby above the law. He also yelled “obscenities” while insisting on his right to commit vehicular suicide by “walking into rush hour traffic.”

These cops were no rookies so had a few suspicions that he was “under the influence of a narcotic.” The FBI will probably throw the book at them anyway because they “tried to arrest the man.”

All they wanted him to do was put his hands behind his back and they would have cuffed him, stuffed him in the cruiser and everyone would be happy. No, that’s too simple these days. The FBI will find some reason to persecute them for attempting to maintain law and order. They told him “several times” that the dog was next but “he still wouldn’t listen.”

The officers didn’t rush him into compliance, waiting for the orders to work their way into the man’s befuddled mind, when he made the big mistake of injuring one of the officers.

That’s when they turned the dog loose “and the K9 gained control of the suspect’s foot.” Good dog! The violent criminal went down and they pulled the dog back. He should have stayed down but he didn’t. Instead, he had the bright idea to make a break for it. “That was when they released the dog again, and it bit him on the leg.”

Cellphone video quickly hit the streets prompting the FBI to get involved. Liberal activists are saying that both times the canine got his teeth into their “victim” the police let it go on a full 30 seconds. He wasn’t charged with any crimes and “was released after being treated at the hospital for the bites.”

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