Top Democrat Presidential Candidate Calling It Quits

He’s done!
Democrat Primary Field
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It is not too often that you have a candidate among the leaders of the race call it quits, but that is exactly what is happening.

Numerous outlets are now reporting that the former Mayor of South Bend, IN, Pete Buttigieg, is going to drop out of the race.

Struggling in Polls

If you have read my predictions on this, they have been dead on.

We fully expected Buttigieg to win or finish high in Iowa and New Hampshire, then drop right off the radar once more diverse states starting to come into play.

Buttigieg was clearly hoping those first two showings would elevate him in upcoming states, including Super Tuesday states, but that has not happened.

Buttigieg has bombed in both Nevada and South Carolina and Super Tuesday does not look very good, which is no doubt why Buttigieg is dropping out.

Current polls do not show any reason for Buttigieg to continue, as he is not above the threshold in any state on Super Tuesday.

The Smart Move

Honestly, we actually have to respect Buttigieg for pulling the plug this early.

There are people polling much worse than he is that are refusing to drop out and it is hurting the effort to take Sanders out of the running.

It is a fairly safe assumption that whatever support Buttigieg has will go to either Biden or Bloomberg.

I would expect Buttigieg to come forward very soon to direct his supporters where to take their votes and if that happens, expect him to throw his support behind Biden.

I say Biden because Buttigieg does not like Bloomberg at all and it is unlikely he would waste his support on someone like Warren or Klobuchar that have no chance in this race.

Backing Biden will help push the former VP in these primaries closer to Sanders and if Biden wins, it could land Buttigieg in a prominent role in a possible Biden administration.

This just made Super Tuesday a LOT more interesting.

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