Trump Slams Democrat Streets ‘Drenched’ With Blood


Former President Donald Trump Gave such a rousing speech at CPAC, on the subject of Democrat lawlessness and disorder, that the network media won’t cover a word of it. For instance, his astute observation that “the streets of our Democratic-run cities are drenched with the blood of innocent victims.

Trump  Angry at Savage criminals

Former President Donald Trump wasn’t talking about Congressional Democrats when he told this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference that “savage criminals” are on “violent rampages” but liberal lawmakers who keep skating close to the line are responsible for it happening.

They want to blame the guns, while ignoring the social issues behind the maniacs who use deadly weapons improperly, as something other than self-defense. Like when they get the wrong order at a drive-through window. In liberal paradise cities like Chicago, customer service issues now get settled with an exchange of 9mm slugs.

Savage criminals are being released on cashless bail to continue their violent rampages against the United States of America,” Trump boldly declared from stage. “Entire communities are being torn to shreds with stabbings, shootings, strangling, rapes, and murders.

Democrats can’t deny it, so they attack his speech as racist and fascist, while refusing to print a word of it.

It’s as clear to Donald Trump as it is to every other conservative American that the “The streets of our Democratic-run cities are drenched with the blood of innocent victims. Gun battles rage between bloody-thirsty street gangs, bullets tear into crowds at random. Killing wonderful, beautiful little children that never had a chance.” Meanwhile, when Christopher Wray got hauled in front of the Senate for a grilling about why the FBI only prosecutes conservatives, he had an important plane to catch and couldn’t answer.

It turned out that Wray had a real need to get away from the world in his own little lakefront cabin. Chuck Grassley will be asking him about that when he gets back. From the CPAC podium, Trump couldn’t help saying “told you so” about the need for border security.

A lawless invasion of the border

As the buses of illegal aliens showing up on the streets of New York City and Washington, D.C. are highlighting, as soon as Democrats get a tiny taste of the border invasion they start screaming about how they’re overwhelmed.

If the GOP doesn’t capitalize on that issue they’ll have a lot of trouble in the midterms. “The Republican Party needs to campaign on a clear pledge that if they are given the power they’re going to fight with everything they have to shut down the border.” Before progressives start tearing that apart, not trade or lawful border crossings, Trump wants to stop the illegal invasion.

Democrat dysfunction was on full display in most of the rousing keynote speech former President Trump gave the Texas audience. “School prayer is banned, but drag shows are allowed … You can’t teach the Bible, but you can teach children that America is evil and that men are able to get pregnant.” No wonder engineers can’t build bridges which actually stand up anymore.


If federal bureaucrats are going to push this radicalism we should abolish the Department of Education.” At least be honest and rename it as the Ministry of Indoctrination.

Just before Trump took the stage, CPAC unveiled the results of their traditional straw poll. This one shows the former president as “the overwhelming favorite for the 2024 GOP nomination among the conservative grassroots.

It’s not surprising that the deplorable-in-chief “captured nearly 70% of the ballots cast at the conference, with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis coming in at a distant second at 23.7%.” Some say the governor would make a good running mate. He made headlines the other day for firing a state prosecutor who refuses to enforce the law.

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