Trump Turncoat Can’t Handle the HEAT


Another Trump turncoat was lurking in the shadows is now suing President Donald Trump. 


Turncoat Ties to Trump

A U.S. cybersecurity official was fired in November by the president and now he has filed a lawsuit. Christopher Krebs is claiming that he was the victim of threatening comments by a lawyer for the president that was followed by multiple death threats against him.

The suit says Krebs was “bombarded” with various threats since attorney Joseph DiGenova appeared on the TV network Newsmax and called for Krebs to be “drawn and quartered” and “taken out at dawn and shot.”

Lawsuit Sought

“The defendants’ threats have upended plaintiff’s life, as well as his family’s security, and caused serious fear, distress, suffering, and even physical damage,” he said in the lawsuit, filed in diGenova’s home state of Maryland.

Krebs is a Republican who was appointed by President Trump and says he had to leave his home in Virginia for a few days while also hiring private security. He also says that he is worried about his children’s’ safety his attorney Jim Walden said.

“It has fundamentally uprooted their lives,” Walden said. “He and his family feel terribly threatened.”

WSPA reports:

Krebs was director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency until he was fired in a Nov. 17 tweet by Trump after he and other officials who oversaw the election determined it was free of major fraud or interference, contradicting the president’s unsubstantiated assertions to the contrary.

DiGenova said in a Nov. 30 appearance on Newsmax that Krebs should be “drawn and quartered” and “taken out at dawn and shot” for his defense of the November election won by Joe Biden and his participation in what he portrayed as a “coup” against the president.

He later said he had been joking in the interview but the lawsuit calls the remarks “shockingly irresponsible and dangerous.” Walden said it’s part of a broader effort by the president’s allies to intimidate public officials, especially Republicans, to prevent them from refuting baseless allegations about the vote.

Rightfully Fired?

“No one should be targeted and defamed as a ‘traitor’ for faithfully performing the duties of public service,” he said. “That is what happened to Chris and to Republicans all across the country, who truthfully, and based on their substantial experience, is upholding the integrity of the election in the face of a false narrative regarding its results.”

The turncoat issuing financial damages from diGenova, Newsmax and the Trump campaign.

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