[VIDEO] Kellyanne Just Exposed Mayor Who Has Been Misleading Americans

Kellyanne Conway
Photo via Fox News YouTube Video Screenshot

Throughout this coronavirus pandemic, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has tried very hard to give a contrarian message to that of Trump.

He has failed the people of New York by doing this, and Kellyanne Conway has no problem calling him out over it.

Mixed Messages

On January 31, travel from China was shut down.

When this was done, every liberal and Democrat that could get a microphone in their face called Trump a racist and a xenophobe.

As it became more and more clear that we needed social distancing to ensure the spread of the coronavirus could be slowed, de Blasio was sending out a different message.

On March 2, de Blasio was still telling his citizens to go out and mingle, to “go on with their lives.”

On March 16, he was at a gym, and before that, he was seen taking the subway as a way to tell New Yorkers all would be well.

Conway stated, “It’s totally irresponsible, and it is the epicenter now, and I think it shows you the contrast in leadership when you have feckless leaders, or you have a president who’s publicly-facing every single day giving people information engagement they need.

“That’s why the president is at 60% approval on the coronavirus.”

Hitting the Panic Button

While de Blasio has tried to paint himself as a battle-tested leader, he is epically failing his first true test.

Every time de Blasio is on TV, he seems to be hitting the panic button rather than portraying a calm and cool presence to help guide the residents of his city through this crisis.

To anyone that has been paying attention throughout, the numbers we are seeing now are not a surprise.

I don’t have the access de Blasio has but just by listening to the experts, I stated we would have hundreds of thousands of cases, and thousands of deaths before treatment was made available.

The virus, however, for the most part, is still NOT killing those in relatively good health.

Yes, it is currently spreading quicker than the flu, but it is killing many of the same people that would have died during a bad flu season.

I am not saying this to be callous, these are just the facts that are readily available to anyone that can read.

Instead of bracing people for the reality of this pandemic, de Blasio has been trying to paint this as an end-of-the-world scenario, which it is not.

Conway nailed it. And, for all of Trump’s shortcomings, he has been a rock compared to de Blasio.

Perhaps if New York’s governor and the mayor had done a better job of maintaining stockpiles, some of these deaths could have been avoided, but that is a subject the mainstream media does not dare to broach.

  1. Oh, Cuomo and his gov’t hand over millions to their cronies and clean air companies that fail and yet we are never shown where the money went, no accounting. With De Basio I have read where he likes to waste his money, he even gives taxpayer to his wife. With democrats they are so good with giving taxpayer money to their pet deals with no accounting of where it disappeared to after people receiving the money are asked where did it go and companies closing. So what else is new with democrat controlled cities and states, the reason why we are the highest taxed state in the country with nothing to show for it. LGBT and companies run by relatives of democrats just eat up the money while these people have control over politicians for their own agenda getting done.

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