Video of This Traffic Stop Went VIRAL…Watch What the Driver Did…


He flunked his recent field sobriety test but did it in style, clearly impressing the cop with his backflip. “I can’t do that,” the Cleveland Police Department officer admitted. Tanner Watson might not have been able to walk a straight line but he had a creative way to sidestep the challenge. He was also generally cooperative, which will go in his favor with the judge.

Sober enough to backflip

When Cleveland Police first noticed Tanner Watson, the 27-year-old was moving a tad over the posted limit, along Broadview Road, in his Ram 1500 truck.

The backflip incident happened back on November 23 but the video is just now making the rounds of media outlets.

Watson may have been “impaired” but since police were giving him an opportunity to show he wasn’t “too” impaired, he thought he would make it a good show. Maybe good enough to get him off with a warning or, at worst, a speeding ticket. Unfortunately for him, police are trained to take what it says on the little note card literally, word-by-word. The test said, “walk a straight line.

Tanner knew that was going to be a little problem. He didn’t think he could do that but was reasonably confidant he could nail an impressive backflip. He did. The cop was, indeed, impressed. Now, walk a straight line, he added.

The acrobatic act was caught on bodycam and the internet is melting down with it. Before he did the backflip, he “told police he had anywhere between two and four beers.” The cop had heard that story before.

Your driving’s pretty bad, your eyes are super glossy, I can smell booze coming from you, so I want to run some sobriety tests on you.” Then came the good part.

Any psychedelic drugs today?

Mr. Watson was friendly and cooperative in general. He also knew a little about his rights and tried to give them some exercise. It’s all good, everyone in law enforcement says, as long as you don’t struggle when they cuff you.

Politicians are asked one question and answer another so when asked to walk a line he “casually performed a textbook standing backflip and landed on his feet, drawing approving laughter from the cop.

That’s good, man,” the audio continues. “I can’t do that, I’ll tell you that.” The professional and well trained officer took it in stride and did what he needed. The backflip was great but since you can do that, why not just walk a little line and go home.


A seemingly agitated Watson argues loudly with the cop about what a straight line is, ultimately leading the fed-up law enforcement official to put him in handcuffs.” Any “psychedelic drugs today?” the officer quizzed. Just asking… Watson had a point about the straight line, but it was a weak one which would have worked better if he at least tried to comply.

Another thing that the internet is being merciless about, as the backflip king was “being placed in the back of a patrol car, the amateur acrobat asked the officer if he had any proof that he was drunk.” Again, a valid question. The officer didn’t have a blood or breath test to back up the arrest but doesn’t need one either.

That’s why they carry the little card around. “You can’t tell me what a straight line is. I think that’s pretty solid proof.” He was jailed briefly “on a charge of operating a vehicle impaired and cited for speeding,” arraigned and released on bond.

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