Vigilante Residents Take Matters Into Their Own Hands


Vigilant residents of San Francisco, California have commenced to carrying around baseball bats for protection. Taser sales are going through the roof too. It’s all because the city prefers to pamper criminal addicts with their own recreational drug abuse centers.

San Francisco SOMA goes south

The South of Market SOMA district of San Francisco is up in arms, literally. As reported by local liberal outlets, vigilant citizens “have resorted to arming themselves with baseball bats and tasers after the opening of the city’s first pilot drug sobering center.

Their “sobering” centers have nothing to do with rehab. They give folks who are high on their particular intoxicant of choice a place to hang out until they come down.

Adam Mesnik is one of those neighborhood vigilantes. He lives in the SOMA neighborhood of San Francisco and owns a business there as well. What he sees on the streets is “a period of insanity.

Specifically, “an increased presence of drug use, violence and crime on the streets since SOMA Rise opened in June.

According to Ghis, who was shy about revealing her last name to the press, she’s been living there for 31 years now and she sees “more troublemakers settling in, feeling comfortable doing their drugs, pissing and sh**ting in the street, blocking the sidewalks.

San Francisco residents and business owners have been complaining to HealthRight 360, “the nonprofit running the center.” Their complaints are ignored.


Videos and surveillance

Since the city of San Francisco and HealthRight 360 refuse to do a thing about the problem, neighborhood vigilantes started “documenting their struggles in phone camera videos and surveillance.

Mark Sackett is one of them. He’s been a business owner and resident there for “a long time.” In his estimate, “increase in drug use and debauchery has cost him more than $100,000 in lost business in the 2022 calendar year.

San Francisco city officials don’t seem to mind that the center is “letting their clients come out here and get high, go inside and get sober and then get high again.” His neighbor, Bill, “echoed those sentiments as a business owner himself.

He sometimes “is unable to enter his building because of the amount of people sleeping or splayed out on the sidewalk blocking the door. If you ask me,” he notes, “it should be closed down and there should be other approaches to the homeless and drug problem we’re all facing.

Every morning it’s a roulette,” bill declares. “When you show up at your office, are there going to be 10 people passed out in front of your building? Are they going to be violent? This was never a problem before HealthRight 360 moved in.” San Francisco leaders are more supportive of the addicts than the shopkeepers, so “some even resorted to arming themselves against the belligerent or violent…with baseball bats and tasers.

It might take someone getting their brains beat in before city officials wake up that the shopkeepers pay for police protection and aren’t getting it, while the comfortable and entertained addicts cost the city a whole lot more money than they bring in. Burglary and drug sale proceeds aren’t taxable.

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