Warren’s Campaign Staff Just Quit

Elizabeth Warren
Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons License

Elizabeth Warren’s campaign was already in trouble, but now she may truly be dead in the water.

As the campaigns finish up in New Hampshire and prepare for the swing to Nevada and South Carolina, six women of color walked out on Warren’s campaign, all claiming they had no voice and felt like “tokens” for the campaign.

Trouble for Liz

Warren’s campaign was already struggling, and this new controversy is surely not going to help her cause.

It is not so much that the women quit the campaign as it was what they said when they were walking out the door.

Megan Lewis, a field organizer for the Warren campaign in Nevada, stated, “During the time I was employed with Nevada for Warren, there was definitely something wrong with the culture.

“I filed a complaint with HR, but the follow-up I received left me feeling as though I needed to make myself smaller or change who I was to fit into the office culture.”

A second staffer, who was also a field organizer, stated, “I felt like a problem — like I was there to literally bring color into the space but not the knowledge and voice that comes with it.

“We all were routinely silenced and not given a meaningful chance on the campaign. Complaints, comments, advice, and grievances were met with an earnest shake of the head and progressive buzzwords but not much else.”

When the Warren campaign was asked about the complaints of the women, spokesperson Kristen Orthman seemed to do more deflecting rather than addressing the specific problems these women cited.

Orthman stated, “We strive for an inclusive environment and work hard to learn and improve.

“We have an organization of more than a thousand people, and whenever we hear concerns, we take them seriously.

“It’s important that everyone who is part of our team has a voice and can be heard.

“That’s why we are proud that we have a unionized staff and clear processes for issues to be addressed.”

Warren has portrayed Donald Trump as a sexist and racist, yet she is the one that has minority women badmouthing her campaign.

This is yet another major implosion for the Democrat party trying to gain momentum and energize a country to their ideology so they can defeat Trump.

I think most analysts would agree, they are simply failing at all levels right now.


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