Watch: Maxine Waters Completely Uncloaks, Showing Exactly Who Her Owners Are

Now we know…
Maxine Waters
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Maxine Waters just proved she has the intelligence factor of a box of rocks by making a major misstep in her explanation as to why California needs to have a bigger influence in the primary race.

Waters is clearly owned by the big-money donors in her state, as she cited the “fancy parties” and “rich” contributors from her state that need to have more say.

But Bernie Says…

According to Bernie Sanders, billionaires should not exist.

According to Bernie Sanders, big money has no place in modern politics.

Yet, every word out of Waters’ mouth went directly against what Bernie and his fellow Democrat candidates are spewing these days.

According to Waters, if you throw big, fancy parties and fly all over the country, you deserve to have a bigger say in how all this plays out.

She stated, “We have candidates who fly out to Los Angeles from everywhere to raise money.

“You would have two, three, four at a time in Beverly Hills having dinners and some of our contributors, who are very rich, were holding fancy parties, trying to accommodate the requests for donations and contributions.”

“The thinking is that if we are supplying tremendous dollars to candidates, we ought to have more say.”

Don’t believe it? Well, hear it right from the horse’s mouth…

NOT About the Rich and Famous

Waters made a big mistake here because she all but admitted to being bought.

I hate to break it to her, but a few rich and famous people do not get to decide who gets a four-year trip to the White House.

She is literally advocating for the elite, the top one percent, to buy an election.

Now, last time I checked, it is We the People that are supposed to be represented, not the top one percent in the county.

There is a reason Iowa and New Hampshire are first… so small states have more influence in our elections.

If these states are just thrown into the mix, how many politicians are going to visit those states and hear the voice of those citizens?

California has already moved up its primary and now Waters is trying to make a case it should be first because they have more money than anyone else.

Perhaps the rich and powerful should use some of that money to create jobs, get the homeless off the street, and clean up the state rather than flushing it down the drain on one political campaign after the next.

  1. So according to mad max ‘rich’ people should have more say than poor little old me, so that means I should have more say than anyone who is poorer than me. Got it. So much for the one person one vote.

  2. Mad Max is really bad for black people. She has a very high profile and she is totally stupid and incompetent. You can’t spend any time listening to her and watching what she does without unconsciously lowering your expectations for all black people’s intelligence and competency. She has been re-elected fifteen times to represent California districts and she has done nothing helpful to the citizens of those districts. Meanwhile she has been charged with ethics violations several times and every time she opens her mouth, she confirms her ignorance. If I were black, I would want her hidden away and hushed up so I wouldn’t have to explain her to other people.

  3. I can guarantee you that those fancy parties that Mad Max refers to are NOT held in her district, especially not Compton. I used to drive through there daily. Too much crime and blight. But let’s all remember that for multiple years, Mad Max was voted the most corrupt member of Congress. Now she is the Chair of the finance committee? Who let the wolf into the henhouse? JMO

  4. Mad Max doesn’t even represent Hollywood yet she obviously feels responsible to them for all the money she gets from them … We really need to get her out of Washington as well as the rest of them who’ve made “serving the people” into a career.. I am very much an advocate or term limits for both house and senate. That should help discourage the crooks from running for office.

  5. did that useful idiot state what qualifies as rich, elite? i’m hoping that i might find myself in that special group/sarc…. don’t you just wonder WHO is voting this nitwit in year after year??

  6. Easiest way to get these sponges out is to ensure they actually live in the district they represent. Owning a uninhabited lot, or renting an apartment and live in another district.

  7. Term limits! Term limits! Term limits! Term limits! Term limits! Term limits! Term limits! Term limits! Term limits! Term limits! Term limits! Term limits! Term limits! Term limits! Term limits! Term limits! Term limits! Term limits! Term limits! Term limits! Term limits! Term limits! Term limits! Term limits!
    Did I mention Term limits? Presidents and VP’s have them. Why not Congress? We the people!
    No one should be a politician. Only a short term public servant. Democrats will never go for it.
    Do it now, while there is still a chance.
    Did I mention “TERM LIMITS”?

  8. But if we fly and drive nice cars, were using fossil fuels, right? What is that plane flying on, hot dogs. You Maxi-Pad can’t be as dumb as you portray. This has to be an act. You got the fake wig and choppers. Do you have a rubber brain?

  9. When someone becomes as radical and divisive as she is, there ought to be a simple way to have them kicked out of any part body of government.

  10. And these idiots keep on electing these dumb ass crooks. You just can’t fix stupid, even with duct tape and super glue. Must be something in the water out there, maybe the air is too polluted or they are too close to the ocean.

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