Whoa…Elon Musk Blows the Whistle on Covid Testing

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Elon Musk just shared his COVID test results on Twitter. He claims he took four rapid COVID tests in one day and got two different results. Two negative and two positive. Are these tests accurate?

False COVID tests

Elon Musk claims he took four COVID tests in one day, using the same kind of test administered by the same nurse and the results were split. This is further evidence that the COVID numbers may be exaggerated in America. Musk went on to say, “If it’s happening to me, it’s happening to others. I’m getting PCR tests from separate labs. Results will take about 24 hours.”

Musk claims he took the tests as a safety precaution after feeling some minor symptoms similar to a common cold. Now he’s questioning the efficacy of the COVID tests being used in America.

Musk has been critical of the Government’s response to the pandemic in the past, specifically calling out the lockdown measures on his Twitter. “FREE AMERICA NOW. Give people their freedom back!” The Tesla CEO later praised Texas Governor Greg Abbott for being one of the first Governors to open up their state after the initial lockdown.

Musk also shared an article which claimed hospitals get paid more if patients are listed as COVID-19 positive. Could this be the reason for so many false negatives? Regardless, Elon Musk is doing his part to help Americans during the pandemic. This year he purchased and donated more than 1,000 ventilators to various hospitals in California.

Biden supports more lockdowns

The current COVID death toll in America sits at 246,000. Many dispute that number, pointing to instances of people dying from other causes and still being listed as a COVID death if they happened to test positive for the virus.

Biden supports a second wave of lockdowns and a nationwide mask mandate. Dr. Fauci recently said that a mask mandate and social distancing would still be in place after a vaccine is distributed. Many Americans are tired of the nonsense.

Should we be destroying the economy to protect people from this virus? Most infected people show little to no symptoms at all. It seems like a massive overreaction. At what point is the cure worse than the virus?

Rates of depression and anxiety have tripled this year. The country lost more jobs in the first few months of COVID than in two years of the Great Recession from 2007-2009. It’s time to open up the economy and get back to work.

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