WOW: After 2600 Uncounted Votes Turn Up in Battleground State, Chief of Elections Clerk Finds a Pink Slip Waiting for Him

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A recount in Floyd County Georgia uncovered 2,600 votes that were never counted. The error reflects poorly on election officials at a time when many Americans are suspicious of voter fraud. The Chief Elections Clerk responsible for the mistake has been fired.

Uncounted votes found in Georgia

The 2020 presidential election has been a total disaster. Reports of voter fraud continue to pour in from key battleground states. Uncounted votes. Dead people mailing in ballots.

Machine glitches switching votes from Biden to Trump. Republican poll watchers being refused entry to polling stations. President Trump’s legal team is scrambling to put together their case for a court of law.

Will they get it done in time? America is losing patience.

President Trump warned us about this all year. The Democrat’s plans were obvious. Lockdown the country due to Covid-19, crash the economy and blame it on Trump.

Block attempts at a second Covid-19 relief package leading up to the election for one purpose only: To make Trump look bad. They encouraged radical Left-wing groups like BLM and Antifa to take to the streets and riot in the name of social justice, all while saying “this is Trump’s America.” They also promoted the use of mail-in voting.

In Nevada, state lawmakers sent out 1.7 million ballots to all of their registered voters in an attempt to keep them from voting in person. It’s no surprise there were numerous reports of stolen ballots. Some citizens showed up to vote in person, only to be told they already mailed in a ballot. What a mess.

Voter fraud election 2020

In Floyd County Georgia, vote tallies were saved on a memory card which never got uploaded. Was this politically motivated? Honest mistakes do happen. We’ve all had bad days at work.

However, this particular batch of votes was 1,643 for Trump and 865 for Biden. Strange how these “errors” always seem to favor Biden. Floyd County isn’t the only county in Georgia where this took place.

Three other counties were missing votes that totaled 3,300, resulting in Trump gaining another 1,400 votes. The recount is finished and sadly it didn’t change anything. Joe Biden somehow pulled off a historic victory in the traditionally Red state of Georgia. Hopefully Trump’s legal team has better luck overturning the results in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

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