ABC Down Playing Violence and Ignoring The Facts


ABC news and the rest of the mainstream media are intentionally hiding the violence and ignoring the facts. A horde of New World Order forces over 1,000 strong converged on “Black Lives Matter Plaza” just a block from the White House Tuesday night.


Infantry groups numbering hundreds marched through downtown D.C. blocking traffic and deploying improvised weapons. ABC and the others insist it was all peaceful.

Violence and riots aren’t peaceful protests

Skirmishes between police and well funded and organized BLM irregulars broke out across America, including Portland, Seattle, New York city, even Raleigh, North Carolina. While there was lots of civil unrest, serious violence was limited. Even though the two sides aren’t yet to the point of exchanging gunfire in the streets fighting for urban control, we could be at that point soon.

With everyone stunned by what looks a whole lot like election fraud being perpetrated by the mass media right under our very noses, ABC news causally downplays and sugar coats the riots. The Washington D.C. “demonstrations” they assure, were “largely peaceful,” despite the chants which prove that statement a lie.

“Whose streets? Our streets!” They won’t let anyone have any peace until they get “justice” which means “anarchy.” They non-violently declared, “If we don’t get no justice, they don’t get no peace!” That doesn’t sound very peaceful to most Americans.

D.C. rioters peacefully “stabbed the tires of a parked police van to flatten them.” In Portland, they intimidated a peaceful neighborhood. One resident with Biden signs in his yard was attacked simply for the crime of being White.

The mob flashed strobe lights in his face and called him a racist while insisting, “We are not violent! Absolutely not! We will not be peaceful, because we haven’t got justice!” There you have the Democrat doublespeak in action. They aren’t “violent” just “not peaceful” Conservatives are getting a little tired of being “reasonable” too.

What ‘Democracy’ looks like

Despite ABC and the rest of the media trying to portray an organized army as “demonstrators” looking for “justice,” they reveal themselves for who they are. “This is what democracy looks like,” Portland rioters chanted. Law and order is a thing of the past.

Anarchy is the new normal. The sheriff’s office sees it a little differently because some of the radical socialists were openly carrying guns, and not for purely defensive purposes either.

The liberal governors are useless, siding with the rebel forces. Oregon’s Governor, Kate Brown had the National Guard on standby but refuses to put them to work.

Portland’s Mayor Ted Wheeler claims there would be “no tolerance for any violence, intimidation or criminal destruction,” yet he stands back and lets it happen, night after night.

The media doesn’t want to go out of their way and actually tell people that Seattle police arrested “several people, including someone who put nails in a road and another who drove over a barricade and into a police bike lane.”

Frustrated business owners boarded up their shops against violence like they were preparing for the destruction from a hurricane. That shouldn’t be necessary if the demonstrations were truly peaceful.

They aren’t. They aren’t even demonstrations. They are intentional battles between a rabble army organized by the New World Order aligned forces of darkness, using George Soros as a front man.

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