ABC ‘News’ Jumps on the CHINA Train, and the CCP Loves them for It

China slave labor Uyghur muslim Xinjiang

President Trump recently bashed China for their treatment of Uighur Muslims and even banned their cotton imports made with slave labor. ABC News responded by airing pro China propaganda on its network. It’s clear the Left is owned and controlled by the CCP.


President Trump vs Communist China

The deputy White House national security adviser recently denounced China’s treatment of Uighur Muslims, saying there was no justification for the country maintaining “concentration camps” within its borders. U.S. national security adviser Robert O’Brien said China was perpetrating something close to genocide with its treatment of Muslims in the Xinjiang region.

President Trump banned cotton imports from Xinjiang province, saying the products are made using forced labor of the Uighur Muslims. China is running 380 detention centers in Xinjiang and researchers believe there are terrible human rights violations taking place under the CCP leadership. The military-run factories produce more than 30% of the country’s cotton.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kenneth Cuccinelli told reporters, “The cheap cotton goods you may be buying for family and friends during this season of giving – if coming from China – may have been made by slave labor in some of the most egregious human rights violations existing today in the modern world.”

ABC News airs CCP propaganda

ABC News is not concerned with human rights violations carried out by a brutal Communist regime. Instead, they tweeted a video showing how beautiful the region is in the winter months. China must be thrilled.

Twitter users were quick to condemn ABC for the obvious propaganda piece: “How much does the CCP pay @ABC annually to shill for them?”

“Wow everything looks better with snow even concentration camps,” one user replied.

“I’ll bet the kids, in the reeducation camps, pretend they are smoking cigarettes when their breath freezes in the air. Does their occasional laughter make reeducation camps ok?” another wrote.

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