China Retaliates Against the United States


It wasn’t until President Donald Trump took office that China’s parasitic ties to the United States were severed and fairer trade between the two powerful counties was accomplished.

China Severing Ties with MIT Program

After the coronavirus originated in China and then was unleashed into the rest of the world – possibly on purpose – the communist county has now banned Scratch.

Scratch is an MIT programming language for children. Kids are taught from an early age to code in China but now they are severing ties with a top programing language development created by the MIT Media Lab, Tech Crunch reports.

Internet users in the country can’t access Scratch’s website any longer. An organization whose purpose is to monitor China’s internet censorship,, reveals that the website was 100% blocked in mid to late August.

Heavily Used Visual Program Software

A staggering 60 million children around the globe have utilized Scratch’s visual language program. This can be used to make video games, animations, stories and similar creations.

China has 200 million children and has made advancements to train them to be world-class tech talents.

Data shows that almost 6% or 3 million registered users are from China. Intel suggests that Chinese developers have built similar programs based on Scratch which is open-source software.

According to Tech Crunch: “The Scratch editor, which claims coders in every country in the world and is available in more than 50 languages, is downloadable and used offline. That means Chinese users who have installed the software can continue using it for now. It’s unclear whether the restriction will extend to and hamper the software’s future version updates.”

“Scratch is very widely used in China by student users. Inside schools, it’s used in many official information technology textbooks for primary school students,” said Anqi Zhou, chief executive of Shenzhen-based Dream Codes True, a coding startup targeting primary and secondary school kids. “There are many coding competitions for kids using Scratch.”

Communist Country Strives for Total Control

As China continues to try and take the title of the world superpower, they are succeeding in that goal in many areas. Their banning of Scratch and probable copying of the program is a typical move by the oppressive communist country.

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