Adam Schiff is up Schitt Creek Without a Paddle, About to Lose His Power


Adam Schiff has never been popular with conservatives, but after what the former and current Directors of National Security had to say about him over the weekend, it looks like the congressman is up Schitt Creek. His paddle was stuffed up his nether regions by America’s James Bond. While Rick Grenell has him bent over in a compromising position, Jason Chaffetz wants to take away the power of Schiff’s security clearance too.

Adam Schiff ‘must be brought to justice’

According to a former Republican representative from Utah, who used to occupy the same chairmanship as Schiff on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, its clear that the rat “must be brought to justice.” Another thing which needs to happen right away is for his security clearance to be yanked.

“I don’t understand why he has a security clearance. Nobody is able to describe that to me, because he has done this repeatedly, misrepresented information.” Chaffetz demands “file a complaint at the Department of Justice and prosecute Adam Schiff. I have seen it, I have heard it, I have listened to everybody complain about how he leaks classified information. Then prosecute him.” The blatant pattern of leaks and lies “is documented, and he should lose his security clearance.”

Richard Grenell and John Ratcliffe back him up on every word of that. Everyone agrees that if Adam Schiff has “done something illegal, like leaked classified information,” America should prosecute him for his crimes. Schiff’s primary job is to protect highly classified information, yet snippets from “Top Secret” documents critical to national security somehow keep leaking out to the liberal media.

A disaster for America

“Schiff has been informally charged on numerous occasions of selectively leaking that information to the media in order to advance his political agenda,” United America First writes. The California Democrat has been a disaster for America ever since Nancy Pelosi and her minions gained control over the house of Representatives following the 2018 mid-term elections.


America’s James Bond, Richard Grenell, appeared on Fox Sunday morning along with his replacement, Director of National Security John Ratcliffe. They confirmed that “Schiff used his authority to squelch the testimony” of 53 separate individuals. Each and every one of them testified under oath that everything the Democrats were saying was a lie. Fox aired a clip for them provided by Chaffetz.

“What Adam Schiff just said in that clip saying they were going to withhold documents, that’s not what John Ratcliffe said. He said he would provide them in writing, that’s what they’ve done.” Director Ratcliffe has been forced to change his policy on briefings to Congress because Democrats can’t be trusted. “Within minutes of one of those briefings ending, a number of members of Congress went to a number of different outlets and leaked classified information for political purposes.” The Democrats leak things on one topic only. They’re obviously doing it “to create a narrative that simply isn’t true, that somehow Russia is a greater national security threat than China.”


  1. Schiff belongs in prison for a load of years and maybe even summary execution for High Treason if it can be proved. Sedition is a for sure verdict based on hard evidence made lately by the long delayed FOIA requests of the Watchdog Agency, Judicial Watch and others. U.S. Code Chapter 18, defines what constitutes acts of both sedition and high treason and also provides the PENALTIES for those found guilty of such offenses. I provide the reference so YOU CAN LOOK IT UP, APPLY IT AND DETERMINE FOR YOURSELF WHAT HIS ACTS ARE AND WHAT SHOULD BE DONE ABOUT THEM! In my eyes , at the very least: he should go away for a long time and NEVER be allowed to run for any political office ever again. And, I am a disabled by Agent Orange Vietnam veteran and 1968 Tet Offensive survivor of the worst fighting of that war who had a degree in Government when he so served in the 199th Light Infantry Brigade as assistant to and field protection for MOH awardee Chaplain for valor Charles A. Liteky . I then spent my last 2 years of active duty in Washington. D.C. at the former Walter Reed Army Medical Center, then in 1969 on Georgia Ave. NW in the festering swamp that even then was Washington, D.C. and I KNOW how truly crooked Establishment D.C. is in total and we NEED to force strictly enforced TERM LIMITS on all pols at every level, with a new requirement for an audit prior to and after their terms end and strict accounting for major discrepancies,. We also MUST force a balanced Budget law on them to prevent them from printing money at large and damning the economy permanently and escalating the debt which the Democrats nearly tripled from 2008-2016 from $8 Trillion to nearly 21 and the Covid caused climb since. if we get rid of Schiff, I truly believe the House of Horrors and Pelosi and company will be crushed at the polls and that would be a very GOOD thing for AMERICA and American taxpayers!

  2. Schiff should be prosecuted, the sooner the better. He is a danger to America. Everything out of his mouth has been a lie – he should be in jail and loose his retirement and all benefits he will be claiming.

  3. DO IT!!! Schitt has been leaking classified material for years and NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE!!! he needs to be prosecuted for treason, but for right now, REVOKE HIS SECURITY CLEARANCE


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