Sean Hannity to Adam Schiff ‘Tick-Tock!’ (Video)


A Deep State “day of reckoning” is very close. “Oh, by the way, Adam Schiff, tick-tock. It’s not going to be a good day tomorrow. Just guessing.” Sean Hannity had a pointed warning for the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee on Wednesday evening. Earlier that day, our acting Director of National Intelligence gave Schiff some news that sent him into a total panic.


Adam Schiff reportedly in ‘panic mode’

Hannity pointed out that earlier in the day, ADNI Rick Grenell, called on Adam Schiff to release “secret Russian probe transcripts that the committee had already voted to make public back in 2018. Tomorrow,” Hannity teased, “just hearing, what do I know? I’m just a talk-show host. It could be the day that the corrupt, compromised, congenital liar” is finally exposed.

Independent sources confirm Hannity could be right, and expect the full batch of all 53 transcripts to hit the streets any minute. “Schiff is in panic mode,” a senior official told Fox. Over 6,000 pages of secret transcripts from the Russia collusion witch hunt were cleared for release two years ago and the liberal congressman has been sitting on them ever since, for absolutely no reason. The ADNI is about to publish their copy.

As Fox is reporting, Richard Grenell didn’t ask for permission to do anything. He informed the California lawmaker that “the redaction and declassification process was complete, and that the records were ready for release.” He’s giving the intelligence chairman a chance to show some intelligence and turn them over but he’s holding a sword over his weaselly little head at the same time. “Grenell wrote Schiff that he was ‘willing’ to release the transcripts directly from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence [ODNI] ‘as to ensure we comply with the unanimous and bipartisan vote to release the transcripts.'” The big question is when. Just like Hannity said, “tick-tock.”

They clear Trump of doing anything wrong

People who are familiar with the documents have been saying all along that they prove the “top law enforcement and intelligence officials” admitted they didn’t have any “evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election.” That’s why Robert Mueller’s inquisition couldn’t find any collusion.

What the transcripts do show is that Adam Schiff flat out lied every time he claimed that not only was their evidence of collusion, he said there was “direct evidence.” He lied.

As soon as Schiff got the memo, he went on the attack. He ” had his subcommittee staff director reaching out to heads of intelligence community agencies asking how Grenell was involved and what role Grenell — a known Trump ally — may have played in the declassification and redaction process.” What he learned made him even more terrified.

Grenell had nothing to do with it. “The process, according to an intelligence community official, took place under both former directors Dan Coates and Joseph Maguire, and was conducted by career intelligence officials.” Not only that, “The official also told Fox News that the relevant heads of appropriate agencies were consulted on the declassifications and redactions of all 53 transcripts.”

There was one batch of ten transcripts that were in question but they have already been given the green light. That means that all 53 could be released to the general public at any minute. Tick-tock, Mr. Schiff.

  1. Adam Schiff should be prosecuted and sent to jail he is a no Good Dirt Bag POS Demorat, but are not all Demorats POS Dirt Bags

  2. Nadler, Shiff and Pelosi are Americans. Half of Obamas direct reports were foreign nationals. I understand Obamas actions and his appointments but Nadler,Shiff and Pelosi were born and raised here.
    The General was a born and raised “boy scout” and they scape goat him to protect a “Globalist Administration”.
    Yeah America Booo mainstream media for lack of seeing the obvious.

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