SCOTUS Casts Shadows as House Dems Double Down on Russian Collusion


The Supreme Court is casting Shadows over the Deep State schemes of House Democrats. A temporary stay threatens to destroy their carefully crafted plot. The House Judiciary Committee intends to double down on their progressive “Russian collusion” fantasy by selectively leaking their side of the story to the press. The administration is hoping the Supreme Court will give them a reprieve.

Shadows looming over the House

Things are looking gloomy for Jerrold Nadler and his liberal cronies on the House Judiciary Committee, as the Supreme Court of the United States makes it’s presence felt. The highest court is casting gloomy shadows over a burning question for Democrats. There’s a good chance that SCOTUS may prevent them from starting another witch-hunt.

Democrats are convinced that buried under the magic marker “redactions” in the Mueller Report and the grand jury testimony that goes with it, is something they can use to try to impeach President Trump with, again. They’re desperate because they know there is no way that creepy Joe Biden will be able to defeat him in the fall.

Thanks to a ruling by the D.C. federal Court of Appeals, the Department of Justice can have an additional ten days to file with the Supreme Court. If SCOTUS decides to hear the case then ten days could turn into ten months or longer. Effectively stopping the Democrats cold.

The same as making them public

The appeals court previously ruled that the House could see the material, agreeing that the Judiciary Committee has a “compelling need” to see the secret information. The Justice Department argues that the committee is unable to keep a secret. If they get their hands on the raw documents, intelligence community secrets will leak to the press before you can say “speed-dial.”

“Unless the mandate is stayed, this Court’s decision will upset the status quo by requiring the Department to turn over the grand jury materials at issue, irreversibly breaching the secrecy of those materials, and raising serious questions about whether they could ever be retrieved from Congress once in Congress’s possession,” lawyers for the administration argue. They don’t need the Supreme Court casting shadows on their plans now.

Democrats insist that despite being unable to find anything the president did wrong the last time, they need “the still-confidential Mueller findings and grand jury material” to “investigate the President for potential obstruction of justice during the Russia investigation.” They just can’t stop beating that dead horse.

The House will keep trying until they pry Donald Trump out of the White House, one scheming way or another, since they can’t seem to do it with votes. “The current pandemic notwithstanding, the Committee’s investigation is not ‘dormant,'” the House wrote to the appeals court this week.

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