Judge Squashes Megan Rapinoe Leaving Her in ‘Shock’


Lesbian Soccer star Megan Rapinoe is “in shock.” The anti-American captain of the U.S. Women’s National Team is speechless after a federal Judge – based in liberal California no less – squashed her hopes of a big fat raise. Her and teammate Alex Morgan promise “they are not going away and are not giving up,” CNN reports.

Megan Rapinoe shocked by court ruling

California’s federal District Judge R. Gary Klausner had the audacity to kick the female soccer player’s frivolous lawsuit right out of court. They don’t even have a leg to stand on, the judge writes, because the women made “more money than the men’s team.” Rapinoe can’t believe it. Both her and Morgan separately called the ruling a “shock.”

Morgan never saw it coming, “this decision was out of left field for us.” She thinks the Defense was just as surprised as they were but you can count on an appeal. “I think for both sides it was unexpected so we will definitely be appealing and moving forward,” she vows. Rapinoe is so discouraged, she may simply call it quits. Especially since the coronavirus “ended her days as an Olympian.”

The judge didn’t have any difficulty deciding that “members of the USWNT did not prove wage discrimination under the Equal Pay Act,” because “the women’s team played more games and made more money than the men’s team.” In other words, what harm did they suffer? None. Rapinoe doesn’t want to hear it. “Oh, ‘the women’s team made a little bit more,'” she sneers. While they did it, they also “won just about every single game that we’ve played in,” including two World Cups.

They could have had the same contract

At one point in the negotiations, there was a collective bargaining agreement on the table that would have given the women’s team “the same pay structure as the men’s team.” The women’s laughed at it. Under the CBA the women already have, they get paid “regardless of whether they play a match or not.” The men only get paid for actual time on the clock.

Rapinoe swears up and down she never saw that offer. “The men’s contract was never offered to us,” she insists. “If we were under the men’s contract we would be making three times more,” she whined to ABC. “When we went through our CBA, I think the judge in the court ruling alluded to this, that now that the contracts have played out we’re just saying that because we made less we would like to go to the men’s contract.”

  1. Finally a judge in California that sees things correctly. Now is it time that the women will bring the racist and sexist cards to the table. Of course and I hope the decision is the same.


  3. I just want to know how this twit thinks she can appeal as the case was thrown out of court with prejudice meaning it cant ever be filed again. So since it cant ever be filed again, poor little “rappame” the carpet chaser is now going to have to find actual work as the covid-19 virus has ended her career as a soccer player. with all the disrespecting and headaches she gave the USWNT, they are not going to hire her on as a coach. And with all the trouble she gave the USWNT, nobody in their right mind would place her back on the US team so that door is closed as well. talk about shooting herself in her foot, this woman has done blown off her whole leg all because she couldnt keep her damn mouth shut

  4. If the women’s soccer team wants to keep the MAJORITY of their fans watching their games in the future; they better get rid of RAPINOE. After the way she & one of her other Anti-American teammates STOMPED on OUR American flag after winning their last Cup; the majority of fans were sickened. I know all my family & friends will NOT watch them play as long as she is on the team. WE WILL BE CHEERING CANADA ON UNTIL THE ANTI-AMERICAN LESBIANS ARE OFF THE TEAM.

    “THANK YOU JUDGE” ????????????????????????

  5. Since “she” plays in the Women*s Soccer League have they tested “her” to make sure she is a female? Remember those Russian “women” Olympic athletes that were not quite female?

    That all said America does not want Or need an overpaid or underpaid Hate America athlete!

    I heard that Afghanistan is looking for Soccer players she may get better pay over there.??

  6. Waiting for her outrage when all the transgender soccer players tryout for women’s soccer because they can’t make the mens team

  7. She is just mad that she got bi-yatch slapped and there is not a thing she can do about it. Just because she and her butt buddy didnt see the contract does not mean it wasnt offered. Was she the Union steward at the time? Nope. Therefor she would not have seen the contract. I retired from a UAW union shop and not once in my 30 years there did I ever see a contract until it was voted on and passed, and even then it took 6 weeks for a new contract book to be printed and passed out so we would know what was in the contract. So let her bi-yatch, her lawsuit is DOA and by her own admission her career is over. So thankfully we wont ever have to hear this lying twit ever again.

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