Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Just Flipped (Details)


Gretchen Whitmer flipped like a pancake. “Sexual harassment is not a partisan issue and is unacceptable no matter who does it,” she wrote. Unless Joe Biden does it. Then, it’s just fine. Specific details of her treatment of Brett Kavanaugh confirm exactly how two-faced she is.


exposing the details

Details of the Democrat governor’s “hypocrisy” is totally obvious for the whole wide world to see. “Whitmer’s hypocrisy was on full display this weekend in her effort to chastise Jake Tapper for asking a valid question about the sexual assault allegation against Biden,” Tori Sachs from Michigan Rising Action fumes.

In 2018, Whitmer believed Christine Blasey Ford’s twenty-year-old unconfirmed account of a drunken high school party, but when Tara Reade says Creepy Joe put his fingers where they don’t belong, it’s suddenly no big deal.

The media turns a blind eye because Whitmer might be tapped by Biden as vice president. She may change her mind back again quickly if she happens to end up locked in a bunker with him.

She sold out her sister survivors

In the political world, your word is your bond. To Democrats, the truth is whatever they want you to believe and the words have a strange way of changing depending on details like where the money comes from. Democrats say what they need to say, ordered to remain in lockstep with the progressive socialist party.

Whitmer jumped proudly on the bandwagon to roast Brett Kavanaugh at the stake. “Gretchen Whitmer has built her entire brand on being an ‘advocate for women,’ the chairwoman of Michigan’s Republican party notes. “However,” Laura Cox continues, “it’s become clear the governor’s advocacy stops if it harms her political ambitions, and she is willing to ignore these serious, well-documented accusations if it gives her a shot at the vice presidency.”

What makes things even worse is that Whitmer claims to be a pound me too survivor herself. She uses her emotional scars as an excuse to duck the issues. Whenever anyone presses her with details, she goes running for her safe space and some Play-Doh. “I really resent the fact that every time a case comes up, all of us survivors have to weigh in. It is reopening wounds,” she told Jake Tapper to sidestep the question.

Biden admits harassment but not abuse or assault

Everybody knows that Creepy Joe Biden can’t keep his hands to himself, that’s why his campaign crew keep a spray bottle on hand. They give him a little spritz to remind him that this is now the twenty-first century and women get uncomfortable about being groped. It’s not like it was back in the early Democrat days where all the top leaders had a Klan sheet hanging in their closet.

Whitmer “had no problem calling out sexual harassment and assault when a republican’s reputation was at stake,” Detroit News writes. But it is just fine for Joe Biden put his hands on the shoulders of Nevada’s lieutenant governor, Lucy Flores. Smelling her hair and kissing her head is something totally ordinary if a Democrat does it. Everyone except for Gretchen Whitmer seems to realize that the Devil is in the details.

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