Schiff and Hoax Dems Sweating Bullets, Freaking Out as Trump Demands Justice!


President Donald Trump is rightfully demanding Justice. Adam Schiff belongs in jail, or worse. He’s totally freaking out because he knows it’s true. Democrats knew the whole Russia collusion witch-hunt was a hoax and the transcripts prove it. The president is already measuring Schiff up for a noose. “Nine inches around the neck,” he told members of congress. Schiff and his Deep State cronies are sweating bullets.


A time of reckoning and ‘justice for all’

President Trump insists that if California Democrat Adam Schiff weren’t running loose “in the halls of Congress,” then he would “be in jail.” Not only is Schiff “a sick, sick man” but “he’s a corrupt politician.” He has been caught dead to rights intentionally hiding incriminating evidence from the public.

This is a major political event and the public deserves to see real justice for a change. “This is a corrupt deal, and we caught them cold,” President Trump asserts. “Tremendous dishonesty from Schiff and others. These are not stupid people. They know it was a hoax. They know better than anyone in this room that it was a hoax. They set it up.”

One of our nation’s professional “spooks,” Schiff works in the “intelligence” community and is supposed to be it’s watchdog. He doesn’t show much intelligence of his own and has been caught turning a blind eye to the Deep State shenanigans. “I watched Shifty Schiff, [lie to the American people on TV]” Trump noted. “Nine inches around the neck.” The pencil necked politician “acts so aggrieved. He knows it was [a hoax]. He got caught!”

After literally hiding transcripts for two years that had already been fully cleared for public release, Adam Schiff finally coughed them up. The House Intelligence Committee, which he heads, reluctantly turned them loose on Thursday in the interest of justice. Angry mobs were about to storm the capitol to liberate them one way or another.

The transcripts prove Schiff lied, a lot

Researchers are only beginning to dive into the thousands of pages just revealed. They are a treasure trove of secret conversations from a virtual who’s who of Washington, including members of the president’s family. The important ones are from the Obama Justice Department and intelligence administration officials like James Clapper, Sally Yates, Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes, Andrew McCabe and Loretta Lynch. They prove the whole Russiagate conspiracy was a Watergate style set up.

Adam Schiff spent three years swearing up and down that there was “more than circumstantial” evidence of collusion. He never produced any. Now, he’s like a husband caught naked in bed with another woman trying to insist he didn’t do anything wrong. The lies are pitifully pathetic.

According to shifty Schiff, the transcripts show “ample evidence” of corrupt interactions between the Trump campaign and Russia.” No they don’t. They show the opposite. What they really show is ample evidence of corrupt interactions between the Federal Bureau of Instigation, The Department of Justice, The intelligence community and Barack Obama’s top advisers.

The devil is in the ‘details’

“The transcripts released today richly detail evidence of the Trump campaign’s efforts to invite, make use of and cover up Russia’s help in the 2016 presidential election,” Schiff declared, without clarifying the “detail” that there wasn’t any evidence at all. Like the old song says, “zero to the power of ten equals nothing at all.”

The transcripts also richly detail all the evidence of the great lengths the FBI went to in order to entrap witnesses, fabricate evidence, deceive the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act judges and cover up the weaponized Deep State plot to remove a sitting president from office.

The entire point of the investigation was to find out for sure if the Trump campaign colluded with, or more accurately “conspired” with, the Russian government. They didn’t find a single thing and the Obama Administration knew it. That didn’t stop them from illegally wiretapping Carter Page. It’s about time the American public saw some real justice instead of more Deep State conspiracy and slap on the wrist punishments.

  1. When these Traitors get Hanged the method used should be: Strip them, tie their hands behind their backs, no hoods, then slowly raise them off the deck. We need to make sure the cameras are focused on their faces and the “show” be broadcast around the World! We can then watch them “Do the Dance of Death” how much fun is that? This could be like the Greatest Superhanging Party of all times. ????

    I almost forgot, they need to be WATERBOARDED so we can find out who else was involved!

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