Watch: Kayleigh McEnany Stone-Walls the Corrupt Media in Epic Display That Would Make Sarah Sanders Proud

Kayleigh McEnany

There’s a new sheriff in town, or at least a bold new White House Press Secretary. Kayleigh McEnany won’t just dip her toe in the water when she meets with the sharks in the White House press pool. An epic display this week proves she’s ready to jump right in with a spear-gun. On Wednesday, she channeled Sara Sanders with a smack down of the corrupt liberal media. When Reuters talking head Jeff Mason tried to bait her with a loaded question, not only did the snotty reporter run head first into a stone wall, she shot him with his own weapon.


Kayleigh McEnany took lessons from Sarah Sanders

The administration’s new press secretary knows a loaded question when she hears it. When left-leaning Reuters reporter Jeff Mason snarkily asked Kayleigh McEnany “In a previous life, before you were press secretary, you worked for the [Trump] campaign. And you made a comment, I believe on Fox, in which you said President Trump will not allow the coronavirus to come into this country. Given what has happened since then, obviously, would you like to take that back?”

Heck no. The “intention” of the president’s actions *was* to prevent the virus from spreading in the U.S. and that’s all there is to it. But since they were on the subject, she reminded… “Does The New York Times want to take back that fear of the virus may be spreading faster than the virus itself? Does NPR want to take back that the flu was a much bigger threat than the coronavirus? And finally, once again, The Washington Post, would they like to take back that the government should not respond aggressively to the coronavirus?”

The entire briefing room was stunned. “I’ll leave you with those questions and maybe you’ll have some answers in a few days,” McEnany said before leaving the room. If Sarah Sanders was watching, everyone is sure she was proud. On June 27, 2017, Sanders famously ate the media for lunch, calling them out for spreading “fake news” against President Trump. “CNN’s coverage of the Trump campaign’s alleged links to Russia” she declared, “are mostly bullshit” and driven by ratings.

CNN’s coverage of the Trump campaign’s alleged links to Russia are mostly bullshit and driven by ratings.

McEnany unleashes a firestorm

Kayleigh McEnany came out swinging and has been scoring serious points as she makes the network rounds. Formerly from CNN, she slapped her ex-employers down hard. When they tried to dig up dirt from her past reporting of Trump, she flipped the script and accused them of “allowing guests to push the Russia collusion narrative,” even after it was debunked by hearing transcripts.

Another of CNN’s guests that everyone should be asking about is “Intelligence-turned-CNN analyst James Clapper.” You know, the guy “who famously stated on air that the Watergate scandal paled in comparison to the Russia investigation.” According to McEnany, “10 days” after Clapper said that, “he told investigators behind closed doors there was ‘*no evidence of collusion*’ between Russia and the Trump campaign during the 2016 election.”

She then mentioned “former U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power, former National Security Adviser Susan Rice and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch.” Not a single one of them could confirm that there was a single shred of evidence.

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