Rough Times: Fire Captain Turns to Life of Crime.. His 1 Simple Mistake Gets Him Caught


He made one simple mistake, but it was a big one and enough for him to get caught. Times were tough for Fire Captain Jerry Brown, tough enough to twist him into a life of crime. The public servant decided to rob almost $320,000 from two local banks.

One simple mistake

One of Tulsa, Oklahoma’s fire department Captains is behind bars after police report that he robbed two banks in the vicinity, making off with around $320,000 total from both jobs. Captain Jerry Brown was on the fire force since 2002.

“If I had somebody call me and say your client, Jerry Brown, just saved a family from a burning house, I would have said, yes, that’s what he does. He’s that guy.” When he’s not robbing banks, Brown “coached his kids in sports, he’s been on various community civic projects.” The point the attorney is trying to make is, “this is totally out of character for him. This doesn’t fit his profile.”

The idea of the fire captain pulling a bank heist may not fit his psychological profile but that isn’t the profile that matters in this case. Brown’s biggest mistake was robbing a branch which knows him as a customer. Brown allegedly robbed his first bank in March. Brown walked into the Oklahoma Capital Bank in Skiatook on March 12. One of the employees recognized him as a regular customer from “the way he walked and his muscular build.”

It went so well he did it again

Brown was totally unaware he had already been identified and things had gone so smoothly the first time that he decided to do it again in May. Affidavits relate that On May 7, the Exchange Bank in Sperry was held up. Another mistake Brown made was wearing the same outfit in both stick-ups.

Witnesses for both robberies report “the suspect wore khaki pants, black gloves with a yellow logo, and used a black backpack to collect the money.” Brown was rounded up in the parking lot at his firehouse on Monday without incident. He was released two days later on $50,000 bond. According to his lawyer, he won’t be arraigned on the charges until next month, on June 18.

The whole town is shocked. Obviously, the Tulsa Fire Department immediately put him on administrative leave. “We expect our employees to act in a manner that continuously builds upon public trust we have worked so hard to obtain,” they note in a statement.

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  1. IF he claims insanity, he’ll win. His mistakes were totally silly, (insane.) It was easy, so do it again= Greed Kills!

    The kids he coach’s and his two sons must all be proud! What a shame.

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