After Epic Performance During Impeachment Hearings, Ratcliffe Lands Once in a Lifetime Opportunity


Texas Republican lawmaker John Ratcliffe landed a once in a lifetime opportunity on Tuesday when the Senate Intelligence Committee voted 8-7 along party lines to stand behind President Trump’s nominee. He’s officially up for confirmation as Director of National Intelligence. Democrats don’t like him one bit because of the epic loyalty he showed to President Trump during the kangaroo impeachment court.


Ratcliffe earns committee confidence

On Tuesday, the Senate Intelligence Committee approved President Trump’s nominee for the slot of National Intelligence Director. His acting director Richard Grenell earned a gold star for the way he shook the Obamagate transcripts away from Adam Schiff last week.

In the full Senate floor vote things are expected to be close but he should get through unless three Republicans join Mitt Romney to go RINO. Everyone knows Romney votes Democrat and should have a “D” after his name anyway. The floor vote hasn’t been set yet. They will wait until they have a chance to take the temperature of the water and make sure they have the 51 votes they need all lined up in a neat row.

President Trump originally planned to nominate Ratcliffe last year, long before the kangaroo court. That time, he was a little too new in the administration. The Intelligence Committee had a bit of a shakeup when it’s chairman Richard Burr was accused of insider stock trading. He’s taking a time out in the penalty box and Marco Rubio is filling in as a temp. The Florida Senator is “looking forward” to voting in favor of the nominee.

Epic loyalty to President Trump

The last time Ratcliffe’s name came up for the job, nobody knew who he was. During Adam Schiff’s attempt to overthrow the president with a kangaroo impeachment court, the lawmaker made conservatives from coast-to-coast proud with his epic loyalty to President Donald Trump.

Democrats came unglued during the impeachment hearings when Ratcliffe mentioned a transcript that Adam Schiff was hiding. “They don’t want the whistleblower to come in because it has now been discovered that Chairman Schiff’s office coordinated for that person to become the whistleblower.”

That’s not all either. Another thing that Schiff didn’t do was release “the Inspector General’s transcript.” Ratcliffe pointed out that “the first transcript of the first witness” was important because “it will tell you what the Inspector General knew and didn’t know about the relationship between Chairman Schiff and the whistleblower.”

Shifty Schiff just got busted again, hiding all the Obamagate transcripts that were released by Ratcliffe’s acting DNI last week.

A kangaroo impeachment court

Ratcliffe was incredibly vocal about the “thinnest, fastest and weakest impeachment our country has ever seen.” It was “rooted in a congratulatory phone call where there are no crimes alleged, where there is no victim, and where Democrats themselves could never decide what to even accuse the president of doing wrong.”

The Democrats couldn’t even play by the rules. “If the Democrats had any legitimate basis for impeachment other than their political bias against President Trump, they’d have no problem playing by the rules through an investigation that implements transparency and accountability.”

The thing that really cheeses the Democrats off the most is the fact that Biden was the one under investigation. “There was an ongoing criminal investigation into what happened in 2016. The Attorney General Barr, at the time of the July 25th call [with Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelensky] had, long before that appointed U.S. Attorney John Durham to investigate exactly that issue. It wasn’t just appropriate, it was absolutely the president’s constitutional duty.”

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