Florida Superintendent Who Defied DeSantis on School Masks Gets Canned


Tensions have been rising over school board members’ radicalization of children’s education. Recently, an Alachua County Superintendent was released from her duties in March of 2022.

Superintendent Voted Out

The Florida county school board members voted to fire Carlee Simon. It came down to a close 3-2 vote.

Those in favor of Simon’s termination were Mildred Russell, Gunnar Paulson and the chair of the board Roby Hyatt. The two who chose to support the ousted superintendent were Leanetta McNealy and Tina Certain.

Controversy Over Children’s Education

Mildred Russell found herself becoming a controversial member after she replaced Diyonne McGraw who received a little over 50% of the votes in the August 2020 election. This came after members wanted to force children to wear masks despite scientific data showing that is ridiculous.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis stepped in to ban mask mandates in schools. Russell was in favor of letter parents decide what is best for their children’s health.

“None of the school board members are doctors,” Russell said. “We’re not in the medical profession. It’s not the government’s job to take that away from parents. And that’s what the governor was trying to say: let the parents decide if they opt-out. And I would have voted for that.”

A six-hour-long debate occurred with hundreds of people came to speak both against and for Simon.

“Dr. Simon is a very divisive person,” said Linda Jones, a High Springs city commissioner during the long meeting. “She does not care about the students, their parents or staff. She only cares that she gets what she wants.”

Kids Are Suffering

The Alachua public school district is facing many challenges and many are saying this school year is much more stressful than usual.

Simon had spent close to twenty years in the position and she was given the chance to say her last words while holding onto the title of superintendent.

“I’m not going away, whether I have this job or not,” she said. “It’s been an honor.”

Many are hoping for a more functional educational environment for their kids and hope this is a step towards that.

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